Kamis, 04 April 2013

Marble Blue and White

Long time not posting any fashion thingy on my blog (note that I'm not a fashionista). By saying "fashion", what I mean is "clothing mix & match" :p

If you notice, lately I've been using Bahasa Indonesia in my Dubai travel article. But here I use English. Hahahaa sorry for the inconsistency. For just chit and chat like this, it's quite easy to write but for travel article which has looong looong text, using English is quite dangerous due to the grammar. Ha!

Ummm, maybe I'll use Bahasa for international travel article (to inspire Indonesian people see the world) and English for Indonesian travel article, so the world can understand what I'm trying to say, the beauty of Indonesia. Fair enough?

Anyway here's the lame mix & match photoshoot & lame editing :)))
Cotton skirt bought at Splash Dubai (Ibn Battuta Mall, 1 km walk from hotel - yeah I walked)
Bag: Fufu bag bought at Inacraft (Seserahan)
Hush Puppies shoes (Seserahan)

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  1. rok nya bagusss. tp belinya jauhhh

  2. you look so cute;)


  3. Wow, the bag and skirt really matched :D and I'm Malaysian so I do understand Indonesian :) I love your posts!

  4. hmmm...so interesting, nice article.. :D


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