Jumat, 12 April 2013

Food & Hotel Indonesia Expo 2013

On Wednesday I went to JIExpo Kemayoran, seeing Food & Hotel Indonesia Expo. If you have no invitation, you can walk in by paying Rp 100.000. Inside, you can taste so many food & snacks & coffee! Hehehehh....

Dishware setting in blue..

My cousins join cooking demo with the famous chef William Wongso.

Coffee machine! Must be expensive *_* cool isn't it?

Flour company created a beautiful "bread house" to attract buyers.

But this was the one I attracted the most: TAO KAE NOI!!! :p I looove Tao Kae Noi's nori!!

This event is a must for food & beverages & hotel industry, but you can just come to taste some food :)
JIExpo Kemayoran, 10 - 13 April 2013, from 10 am to 6 pm. Enjoy!!