Sabtu, 20 April 2013

DIY: Portable Laptop Desk (no sew) cute colored fabrics!

Inspired by:
Manufactured product

 HOW TO MAKE IT less than Rp 40.000 (depends on your fabric):
Cardboard, All purpose glue (I tried clear glue-UHU, white craft glue-FOX, and double tape), 2 sheets of fabric, dacron, scissor

Prepare 2 cardboard in your desired size (fit to your laptop). NOTE: cut the 2 cardboard in DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS of bones (see illustration above). This is to make the cardboard stronger once they are glued together.

Prepare 2 sheets of fabrics. One for the upper desk, and one for the bottom which will be filled with dacrons. The bottom fabric will be bigger (wide&tall) than the upper fabric.

Cover one cardboard with the bottom fabric, leave some spaces around the cardboard, so the fabric is not tight. We'll make this part fluffy!

Detail on how to fold the bottom fabric:
  Wrap the upper fabric to the second cardboard tightly.
Glue them together, securely. I combined my 3 types of adhesive: double tape for the center, FOX between fabric to cardboard, and UHU between fabric to fabric. It's just a trial and error :p

Ready to use! Fluffy and lightweight ;)

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