Jumat, 12 April 2013

Blue Triangles

Blue Shirt: unbranded / Black pants: unbranded / Shoes: UP! / Bag: David Jones

Sometimes I looked back at my old posts and sooo embarrassed at the way I used to dress up in the past (knowing that nowadays there were SO MANY hijab fashion blogs and they all looked glorious and beautiful and so fashionable). It makes me wanna delete some of my old fashion posts (or just turn it to "draft" mode)!
But I realised, the way we dress up is a process, just like our maturity. People change. So does their ages, thoughts, fashion styles, circle of friends, and lifestyles. No need to be ashamed of your past, coz you can learn from it. For life, learn from your mistakes & memorize happy feelings. And for clothing? Learn what suits you the best and what you should avoid wearing :p

Anyway, my advise for myself is: whatever in trend right now, stay humble ;)

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