Jumat, 26 April 2013

Perfect Shoes For You?

What is the most exciting part of going to department store? For me, it's visiting Shoe Department. Sea of colorful shoes makes my heart happy :D I also love trying shoes: Elegant high heels, quirky wedges, cute flat shoes, to simple or strappy sandal... I like how my posture become slightly taller & straighter when I wear high heels. Feels like a fashionista while wearing wedges. And being cute while wearing flats and sandals.

One brand I love to see at department store is Be-Bob Shoes. They have LOTS of style to suit all your needs. In my opinion, every woman need:

1. Fashionable Daily Shoes

Either to go to campus or running errands to the mall, flats / semi sandal can be a bestfriend. Minimum requirement: black shoes & brown / beige shoes. Already have black & brown? Let's collect another colors :))

2. Pretty Office Shoes
Brighten up your working day with these fashionable shoes! Well, at least you should have one black formal shoes...

3. Party Shoes
From casual cocktail party, beauty community gathering, to bestfriend's wedding party. Simple heel or quirky wedges, up to you :)

What kind of shoes do you need right now? Luckily, all those shoes can be bought at Be-Bob Shoes website! Yay!!
Actually I don’t really like the idea of buying shoes online, because we don’t know whether the size is correct or will it be comfortable. But these Be-Bob Shoes are already sold in many department stores in Indonesia (and it is local brand! Be proud :D), so I've tried and seen the quality when I visit the store. It's well made and comfortable to wear.

I love those designs above, but decided to buy a simple flat shoes – which goes to whatever I’m wearing and wherever I’m going. One which is comfortable enough to be worn all day, crossing the street, riding a bus, and simply fashionable enough to be worn inside a mall. So, I bought this shoes online at Be-Bob! :D
Camel color Be-Bob flats, with cut out details. Correct size, alhamdulillah.
I'm glad I could find a matching shoe color for my 2 bags (backpack & sling bag) ^^

Well, since my collection of basic items are enough now, I can prepare to buy cute shoes!!
Hahahahaaa... Will hubby read my post? Either will he think I’m a desperate housewife shoe-aholic, or will he buy me more shoes?? :p


Rabu, 24 April 2013

Paris, December 2012

Well, after getting married, this girl suddenly had her childhood dreams come true: go around the world.
She flew a thousand miles to Europe, in winter cold weather!
Rejeki nikah yaaa? :D

Paris is a very beautiful city. Landmarks were built in a symmetrical view, and buildings are organized and pretty to see.

Coat by sewamantel.com (yeah I tried to save my penny ;D before the trip)

View from Eiffel tower

Bro & sis in law, with my lil cute nephew Nandhi

Nandhi was the star of the tour!

Candid? In Sacre Coeur Basilica


Due to very cold weather (based on research before the trip), I knew I should invest on a good coat (sweater is not enoughhh). And a good coat is expensive! So my tips is:
  • Borrow a coat from family/friend, or like me, I use sewamantel.com coat-rental
  • If you really need to buy a coat or down-filled jacket (jaket isi bulu angsa), buy at Toko Djohan Mangga Dua or Farina Mangga Dua (price is around Rp 500.000 - 700.000 for a VERY GOOD quality of jacket, Zara / Promod / S.Oliver etc from factory), or maybe try hunting at flea market?
There were also some winter jacket (Chinese made) in some Factory Outlet Bandung, but when I surveyed, I wasn't sure about the quality...

My tips is also to bring a good quality of winter gloves. Mine was cheap-wool-look-alike, and I still feel too cold, brrrr...

credit: photos by my husband (& sometimes tripod)

Senin, 22 April 2013

Choco Bleu

Seems like I have 2 items with brown and blue color! My marble / snake patterned skirt and my little leather bag :D
Love love my chocobleu color!

Hijab: DIY, Cardigan: Splash Dubai, Skirt: Splash, Shoes: Marie Claire, Sling Bag: a small shop in Venice

*due to the messy room background I had to crop my photos like that =__=*

Sabtu, 20 April 2013

DIY: Portable Laptop Desk (no sew)

...in cute colored fabrics!

Inspired by:
Manufactured product


...in less than Rp 40.000 (depends on your fabric):
Cardboard, All purpose glue (I tried clear glue-UHU, white craft glue-FOX, and double tape), 2 sheets of fabric, dacron, scissor

Prepare 2 cardboard in your desired size (fit to your laptop). NOTE: cut the 2 cardboard in DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS of bones (see illustration above). This is to make the cardboard stronger once they are glued together.

Prepare 2 sheets of fabrics. One for the upper desk, and one for the bottom which will be filled with dacrons. The bottom fabric will be bigger (wide&tall) than the upper fabric.

Cover one cardboard with the bottom fabric, leave some spaces around the cardboard, so the fabric is not tight. We'll make this part fluffy!

Detail on how to fold the bottom fabric:
  Wrap the upper fabric to the second cardboard tightly.
Glue them together, securely. I combined my 3 types of adhesive: double tape for the center, FOX between fabric to cardboard, and UHU between fabric to fabric. It's just a trial and error :p

Ready to use! Fluffy and lightweight ;)

Kamis, 18 April 2013

Muslim Kebaya Tips

As Indonesian woman, we are proud wearing kebaya :D But as a hijaber/hijabi/jilbaber, choosing kebaya style is quite tricky.
Disclamer: This is just my opinion, based on my thought looking at some muslim kebaya style on the internet. If you own one of these pictures and would like me to erase the pict from my post, please tell me :) All pictures were googled using "muslim kebaya" keyword.
No: for the skin-tone manset / bodysuit, clearly different with bustier's color.. Looked like wearing nothing :/
Yes: for the modest inner

No: for the too-much-detail-and-point-of-interest (dracula neck, puffy sleeve, black lace)
Yes: for the simple line, modest look, yet has its own uniqueness in the contrasting color.

No: for the obvious look that it's not designed for hijabi, chest & shoulders are exposed + skin-tone manset
Yes: for the lace motifs covering chest, neck & shoulder. Modest!

 Well I guess I'll use Bahasa Indonesia for the DO's and DON'Ts summary.

The DON'Ts:

  1. Mengenakan manset kaos berwarna kulit, sedangkan kebayamu transparan. Hal ini sama aja seperti seolah-olah kamu nggak pakai dalaman..
  2. Memakai kebaya yang dadanya terbuka. Kebaya dada terbuka ditujukan buat yang nggak berjilbab. Walaupun dada ditutupi kaos manset, tapi tetap terekspos. Minimal, kalau harus pake kebaya dada terbuka, ada kain tile sambungan untuk digunakan menutupi dada, atau gunakan dalaman yang nggak ketat.
  3. Pakai model yang berlebihan / terlalu banyak aksen di sana-sini.
  4. Menjahitkan tile polos tanpa motif di dada & pundak. Jadi terlihat seksi =__=

The DO's:

  1. Memakai dalaman (manset / jahit kain) yang warnanya senada bustier.
  2. Apabila terpaksa menggunakan manset kaos, coba beli kaos senam / bodysuit yang mirip manset, tapi bahannya jauh lebih tebal, sehingga nggak berlipat-lipat seperti bahan spandeks. Tips ini saya gunakan di saat lamaran saya :p Agak mahal, tapi worthed karena nggak terlihat seperti kaos biasanya.. *dulu saya beli di Pasar Atum Surabaya, lantai dasar ada toko baju senam*
  3. Menjahitkan brokat / motif di daerah dada & pundak, sehingga bagian tersebut terlihat lebih sopan.
What do you think? Do you have any more tips? Or maybe you don't agree with some of my statements? Feel free to comment ^^

Jumat, 12 April 2013

Food & Hotel Indonesia Expo 2013

On Wednesday I went to JIExpo Kemayoran, seeing Food & Hotel Indonesia Expo. If you have no invitation, you can walk in by paying Rp 100.000. Inside, you can taste so many food & snacks & coffee! Hehehehh....

Dishware setting in blue..

My cousins join cooking demo with the famous chef William Wongso.

Coffee machine! Must be expensive *_* cool isn't it?

Flour company created a beautiful "bread house" to attract buyers.

But this was the one I attracted the most: TAO KAE NOI!!! :p I looove Tao Kae Noi's nori!!

This event is a must for food & beverages & hotel industry, but you can just come to taste some food :)
JIExpo Kemayoran, 10 - 13 April 2013, from 10 am to 6 pm. Enjoy!!

Blue Triangles

Blue Shirt: unbranded / Black pants: unbranded / Shoes: UP! / Bag: David Jones

Sometimes I looked back at my old posts and sooo embarrassed at the way I used to dress up in the past (knowing that nowadays there were SO MANY hijab fashion blogs and they all looked glorious and beautiful and so fashionable). It makes me wanna delete some of my old fashion posts (or just turn it to "draft" mode)!
But I realised, the way we dress up is a process, just like our maturity. People change. So does their ages, thoughts, fashion styles, circle of friends, and lifestyles. No need to be ashamed of your past, coz you can learn from it. For life, learn from your mistakes & memorize happy feelings. And for clothing? Learn what suits you the best and what you should avoid wearing :p

Anyway, my advise for myself is: whatever in trend right now, stay humble ;)

Kamis, 11 April 2013

Dubai Part 3: Dubai Heritage, Aquarium, and Live!

Assalamu'alaikum! Horeeee ini postingan terakhir tentang Dubai :D

Old Bastakiya
I've fallen in love walking at the Old Bastakiya, so I took another chance to explore it more :) Banyak bangunan di Bastakiya, ada kantor pengembangan arsitektur Dubai, ada Library, ada cafe, ada hotel-hotel unik juga. Kita bisa masuk-masuk ke bangunannya!

Naik ke tingkat 2 salah satu bangunan..

Ada juga museum koin! Lucunya, display koin kuno-nya bisa diputar-putar, jadi tau bolak-baliknya kayak apa ^^ 
Tangan dilukisi Henna waktu di Desert Safari

Ada kafe lucu! Sayaaang jalan-jalannya sendirian, mau ngopi cantik ama siapaaa? T_T

Restoran Bastakiyah Night. Suasananya juga asik. Tapi makanannya lumayan mahal, siapin sekitar > Rp 150ribu lah kalo mau makan di sini.

Inside Bastakiyah Night Restaurant.

Random door at random building...

Karya seni! Ada kaligrafi & kerajinan tangan lainnya.

Berjalan-jalan di Tepi Dubai Creek, Heritage Village
Menyusuri sekitaran Dubai Creek, suasananya menarik sekali. Pemerintah di Dubai mengembangkan kawasan tersebut jadi semacam wisata kultural yang ramah buat turis. Dari Old Souk, jalan teruuus aja ke arah Heritage Village. Banyak kafe di tepi sungai yang romantis, tempat bule-bule berbincang sore, ngopi santai, makan roti naan, hingga masakan yang mewah & menghisap shisha.

Banyak site yang sengaja dibangun untuk dikunjungi wisatawan, dari Heritage Village, Fishing Village, Museum Kaligrafi... Gratis! Ada juga bekas rumahnya pemimpin Dubai, dijadiin situs sejarah + museum. Masuknya kalo nggak salah 1 dirham...

You'll see lots of these kind of buildings :)

Semuanya ramah untuk turis, dan nggak ada preman / pengemis / sampah / apapun yang mengganggu pengalaman sebagai turis. *takjub*

Dubai Aquarium
Seperti janji di postingan Dubai Part 1, ini dia review Dubai Aquarium. Terletak di dalam Dubai Mall, kalo mau masuk ke tunnel-nya harus bayar 80 dirham. Bisa lebih mahal kalau mau nambah paket "nyelam" atau "ngasih makan ikan".

Ealaaaah ternyata tunnel-nya pendek! Masih mending di Seaworld Jakarta bok... Panjang tunnel sama dengan lebarnya panel kaca akuarium yang bisa dilihat di luarnya, gratis pula. I've anticipated this, since I've read Tripadvisor's review on the aquarium, but hubby felt a lot disappointed.
Yah berhubung sudah bayar, mari kita nikmati sajaaa...

Untungnya, tiket masuk ke Aquarium sudah di-bundle dengan tiket masuk Rainforest Underwater Zoo, 2 lantai di atas Dubai Aquarium. Pretty fun!
The Underwater Zoo. It saved my 80 dirhams experience.

Colorful corals! Buat yang belum pernah diving, asik juga liat beginian :p

Ikan dory nih, temennya Nemo :p

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

Alhamdulillah! Seru juga di sini.

Time needed to finish Aquarium Tunnel + Underwater Zoo: 1,5 - 2 hours
Recommended? Depends on your budget. If no budget, leave it. You can see the aquarium outside the tunnel for free. But if you have extra money, visiting can be fun, too :)

Another Interesting View of Public Area in Dubai...

Saya juga sebelumnya nggak kebayang, jalan-jalan di Dubai sendirian (tentunya di waktu siang yaaaa, kalo malam kan ada suami). Tapi, so far sih AMAN! Cuma pernah 1 kali semacam diajak ngobrol ama bapak-bapak Arab yang ngajak minum kopi =__= Menghindar sajalah. Harusnya backpacker sejati membaur dengan orang lokal ya?? Tapi takuuuut huahahahahh. Anyway kotanya nyaman untuk jalan-jalan. Pedestrian walk is everywhere, including trees & bushes:

Ini taman di sebelah Union Metro Station. Siang-siang suka ada yang tidur di bawah pohon. Sejuk!

 Banyak juga dijumpai taman umum begini di sampingnya trotoar a.k.a pedestrian walk.

Yang lucu, kalo malam, ibu-ibu Chinese banyak yang senam di taman umum, terus bapak-bapak India & Arab pada nontonin. Bukan bermaksud rasis yaaa, tapi lihatlah ini:

Huehehehehee, seger ya pak?

Lalu tentang Metro Station kereta supercepat. Metro Station di Dubai dibangun dengan apik & full AC. Berasa di mall! 
Di Union Metro Station

(Kalau nggak salah) di Al Ghubaiba Metro Station

Dan ternyataaa, Dubai memang cantik untuk dikunjungi :) Sekian dulu postingan tentang Dubai. Sampai ketemu lagi di artikel jalan-jalan selanjutnya :D

*ini artikel nggak ada klimaks-nya yah hahaha*