Sabtu, 12 Januari 2013

Fairy Hijabstyle

Although I rarely wear makeup to public places (and a newbie in makeup world), I do love trying makeup! It's fun to paint my own face and be somehow different eheheheh :3

Here's what I did in a random afternoon *only in my room!* *why I supposed to wear this in public??*
Question: how to apply eyeshadow in thin eyelid like mine? #sipit
Well I should have youtubed some makeup tutorial.. But usually,  makeup tutorial for oriental eyes uses false eyelashes zzzzz...

For the hijab, I just wrapped paris-hijab randomly and added some accessories (plastic flowers, pearls, flower brooch)
Hahahaha :P

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6 komentar:

  1. lovely make up! :)

  2. Hello dear. I'm B from Bwithshoes. I'm looking for blogger to share our giveaway. Mungkin bisa dipost di blogmu, pls contact me asap.
    Hehe. U can check me on twitter @btarimariska or @bwithshoes
    Thx huggies!

  3. cantik lo kakkkkk :*

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  4. bukan sipit mungkin tapi kelopak matanya turun pernah lihat di tv tapi ga tau juga ya ,,,tapi tetep cantik.salam kenal

  5. Bu Tia.. aku kok rodok pangling yooo
    mungkin gara gara make upnya yang beda lain dari biasanya?


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