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Backpackmoon Day 3: Kowloon Park

Heheheee sorryy for the long hiatus... Been traveling a lot in November-December, and I hardly find time to sit down, relax, choosing photos & writing blog.

Here's some pictures of my 3rd day backpackmoon, on Friday. After 2 nights staying at Chung King Mansion, we moved to a more 'expensive' hotel, InnSight Hotel (it's still budget hotel in Hong Kong, but cleaner & more modern than where we stayed before).

Chung King Mansion is an old building in Tsim Sha Tsui (a famous district for bargaining shops). The first floor of the mansion was full of street food restaurants, money exchange & electronic shop. The second till the highest floor was apartments, but HK people turn their apartments to some kind of guest house. The apartment was divided into some small rooms that fit only a bed & a very small bathroom (a closet & shower). Veryyy limited space! Hostel & hotels were sooo expensive. For the price of my hostel room in Chung King Mansion, in Indonesia you can spend a night in 4 star hotel =___=

Met Indonesian couple (husband & wife) while checking out Chungking Mansion. It's so nice to hear Javanese language in HK! :D (To koko & cece, so sorry I forgot your names & emails :( I should've emailed this picture to youuu...)

This day was dedicated to (1) check out from Tokyo hostel Chung King Mansion, (2) wifey wait at restaurant while hubby Sholat Jum'at, (3) check in to InnSight Hotel -- which was actually quite near to Chung King, (4) random city tour.

It's a random city tour, exploring Hongkong's Kowloon area on foot with my hubby.

So many shops selling electronic stuffs. Much cheaper than malls. But me & my hubby had no courage to buy anything. Bargaining sometimes ended up with angry seller =__=

The we found Kowloon Park near our new hotel. Near the mosque in Tsim Sha Tsui. Kowloon Park is a free public area, and definitely a hidden gem in our journey!

So many objects of nature inside this park! From Garden of Life, bird park, Chinese park, lotus, orchid garden, bla bla bla...

A very nice place to spend a lazy afternoon ^o^

...or doing photoshoot (maybe she's a fashion blogger?)

And there's a museum inside the park. What a treasure!

Chinese heritage is so rich *__* from ancient artefacts to beautiful Chinese architecture...


I was standing above the ruins of Chinese porcelain ;p

Too bad the museum closed at 6 pm, we only spent a little time there.
(My hubby is a museum-lover, look at his sad face!)

Then we walked through the park again. Heyyyy there were a flamingo pond!! Cuteeee! Pink flamingos! (due to the light, in this photo they looked pale)

Some local men playing traditional game near bird park :D

And we crossed a bridge that took us to harbour. It's dark already. But the view was amazing...

And we walk back to our hotel (far far away), passing Canton Road, where some branded fashion stores took place.

Nice dresses by miu miu *__* kawaiii

And that's our third day story! Well, this might not exist in whoever's itinerary while visiting HK, but we do love spending time "tasting" the real Hong Kong life :) Besides, Kowloon Park was lovable.
PS: Near the park, try local juice stall, selling Mango sago drink. Yummy!

Credit: 90% photos by my hubby using Nikon camera

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  1. mehehehe asyik bener di kowlon
    saya mah dolan dolan di dalam kota dulu, tapi kalo ada yg bayari juga boleh hehe

  2. tiaaaa seru banget backpackmoonnya ^^, apalagi yang pas ke museum Dinasty Ming

    O iya pas kamu foto berdua sama hubby siapa yang fotoin? *penasaran :p

    ditunggu postingan selanjutnya

  3. asiknyaaa..pengen k HK juga jadinya.. :)

  4. wow! beautiful pictures =)
    especially picture you and your hubby at the bridge =)

  5. waaaa....stunning. you made me want to visit HK. have fun have fun

  6. @Slamsr: berdoa aja supaya bisa jalan2 gratis :D kalo emang rejekinya, pasti dikabulkan hehehe

    @Eriska: bawa tripoood wkwkwwk (niat banget) :p

    @Radyta: iyaaaa banyak objek menarik di HK ;)

    @Myra: thanks! My hubby took most of the photos ^^

    @Puput: thank youuuuu ^^


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