Jumat, 25 Januari 2013

Coming Soon: Dubai & Abu Dhabi Traveler

When me (mostly solo-traveler) and hubby (business trip) went to Dubai and Abu Dhabi...
Coming soon!
Wow 2012 was FULL of traveling! Alhamdulillah :')

Rabu, 23 Januari 2013

January Giveaway Winners

Assalamu'alaikum... Here's two winners of January Giveaway! Yippieeee ^0^

Congratulation for @dew_miauw (traveling in Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Bali) & @MeiszAdilla (traveling in Kaliurang, Yogyakarta)
Each of you will be given a maxi skirt from One Fifty Hijab Style :D
Thanks to One Fifty who became the sponsor, and thank you for all who join this giveaway & share the happiness of traveling ;)

See you again in next giveaway... Stay tuned on tealovecoffee blog :p

Selasa, 22 Januari 2013

Wedding Reception - 3rd Episode

Finally! This is the last series of Wedding Reception! Alhamdulillah! For you girls who wanna throw a wedding party, please remember that more than 1 reception is REMPONG a.k.a ribeeet (impractical :p).

I'm posting these pictures to inspire you, in case one of you wanna get married in unusual theme like me: Purple + Bottle Green + Javanese. Weird, huh? But I love the result :)

October 6, 2012, PTIK Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta

Javanese gebyok decor by Rolaz wedding decoration

Photocorner, with scrapbook from my previous wedding reception

Here came the bride and groom and their family

The color theme! Parents wore green+purple, bride and groom wore purple+green ;D

Cake table by Sonokembang Catering

Venue & catering decoration... love it!

Thank you for the guestbook's girls...!!!! (brother in law's friends)

Hahahhaa they tried to throw my hubby =__=
(TI friends... In the past, my TI friends loved to throw anyone on his birthday to TI ITS' lake... Stupid but memorable ;p)

Thank you for all the prayers! And all the help involved during our process to be husband & wife ^^

Makeup by Miarosa / Catering by Sonokembang Catering / Decor by Rolaz / Kebaya by Fadlan, then revamped by Elok Dola'ap

Sabtu, 12 Januari 2013

Fairy Hijabstyle

Although I rarely wear makeup to public places (and a newbie in makeup world), I do love trying makeup! It's fun to paint my own face and be somehow different eheheheh :3

Here's what I did in a random afternoon *only in my room!* *why I supposed to wear this in public??*
Question: how to apply eyeshadow in thin eyelid like mine? #sipit
Well I should have youtubed some makeup tutorial.. But usually,  makeup tutorial for oriental eyes uses false eyelashes zzzzz...

For the hijab, I just wrapped paris-hijab randomly and added some accessories (plastic flowers, pearls, flower brooch)
Hahahaha :P

Anyway, have you joined JANUARY GIVEAWAY? There's still a big chance for you ;)

Kamis, 10 Januari 2013

January Giveaway!!

Assalamu'alaikuuum.. New year, new clothes? One Fifty Hijab Style, a new made-to-order clothing line, decided to share you some happiness :D Scroll down to know how to get free clothes!

This giveaway is for Indonesian residence, soooo I'll post "How To Join" in bahasa, yaaa :D

Dalam rangka liburan ke Jogja, 2 owner One Fifty Hijab Style foto-foto koleksi baru mereka, yaitu maxi skirt.
Nahhh, tersedia Nabila Maxi Skirt untuk 2 orang pemenang :D
PS: Nabila Maxi Skirt punya berbagai pilihan motif dan ukuran panjang yang bisa disesuaikan dengan tinggi badan, sehingga nggak kepanjangan / kependekan

Aturan mainnya ada hubungannya dengan "travelling":
  1. Follow akun twitter One Fifty 
  2. Like akun FB One Fifty
  3. Twitpic foto liburanmu ke One Fifty (mention @OneFiftyHijab & ceritakan liburanmu dengan singkat)
  4. Tulis komentar di bawah postingan ini, cantumkan link twitpic beserta alamat emailmu (supaya mudah dihubungi kalau menang)

Giveaway berakhir 20 Januari 2013 pukul 23.59. Keputusan pemenang ada di tangan One Fifty Hijab Style. Tunggu pengumuman pemenangnya tanggal 22 Januari di blog, pemenang akan dihubungi via email ^^

Sooooo, twitpic your traveling pictures yaaa ladies!!

Selasa, 08 Januari 2013

Backpackmoon Day 4: Ngong Ping Village Hong Kong (END)

Finally, this is the last series of my Hong Kong Backpackmoon.
*teaser: there will be a giveaway after this post*

On Saturday September 8, a day before me & hubby went back to Indonesia, we visited Ngong Ping 360. We're glad we planned to visit this attraction a full day, coz there were so many adventures waiting for us there :D

To visit Ngong Ping, you must take MTR to Tung Chung. At Tung Chung, take cable car to Ngong Ping.
TIPS 1: if you're not afraid of height, choose "crystal cabin cable car"! It's more expensive, but you can have a cable car with less queue, less people inside, and most important: glass bottomed cable car!

You can see EVERYTHING below you! I saw trees, mountains, airport, sea, and boats under my feet!

Then we arrived at Ngong Ping. Me + hubby wore I love HK t-shirt we bought a day before, because we ran out clothes. Remember the first post of HK Backpackmoon? We only brought a few clothes to minimize baggage.
Cute photo spot! *picture taken by tripod*

Cute gate to the village!

The village itself contained cute cafes (some are famous cafes like Starbucks, Honeymoon Dessert, etc etc), and some paid attraction "Monkey Theatre" and "Walking With Buddha".
TIPS 2: if you planned to do that 2 attractions, buy the ticket as a package when you buy cable car ticket. Cheaper!
Anyway, "Monkey Theatre" has no real monkey... It's a movie show but quite interesting to watch.
"Walking with Buddha" was also interesting, interactive multimedia show. You should visit it!
Time needed for those shows: 30 minutes - 1 hour

Then we explore Ngong Ping further...
TIPS 3: Bring sunglasses! It was soooooo hot & bright at noon!!
I forgot to bring mine, duh... So I bought cheapo sunglasses at souvenir shop =__=
Giant Buddha statue & a gate... I don't know what's written =__=

Giant Buddha pose! Look at my ugly sunglasses. At souvenir shop it cost about Rp 100.000. Better brought it from home, yeah?

There were many statues of "panglima perang". Copy the pose!

Happy couple :D

My hubby decided to go up, seeing giant buddha, while me (too tired to get upstair) waiting =__=

Then we visited a temple..

Cute girl poses at the temple!

Cute girl, too!

TIPS 4: buy vegetarian meal sold near the temple :D We bought Chinese snack... We thought it's halal coz vegetarian don't do pork & alcohol, rite?

Pose with a "bule" :P I borrowed his hat...

Went to "wisdom path"... Actually I was so tired & wanna go back, but my hubby insisted..
Tired face, lol...

And I was lucky I joined my hubby..

Feels like in the middle of stonehenge hehehhee... But we didn't understand what was written on the stones...


And that's all folks! 

Thank you for reading this journey... I hope this series of article encourage you to go see the world :D

Actually there's still 5th day story, our last day in HK.. But we didn't take any pictures since we're already packed & ready to go back to Indonesia. We visited IKEA Hong Kong, and Victoria Park. You know the movie "Minggu Pagi di Victoria Park"? Well, we went to Victoria Park on Sunday and there were hundreds... maybe thousands of Indonesian workers, gathering at the park and enjoy Sunday... Wow!! Feels like being home again, eh? :D

Senin, 07 Januari 2013

Backpackmoon Day 3: Kowloon Park

Heheheee sorryy for the long hiatus... Been traveling a lot in November-December, and I hardly find time to sit down, relax, choosing photos & writing blog.

Here's some pictures of my 3rd day backpackmoon, on Friday. After 2 nights staying at Chung King Mansion, we moved to a more 'expensive' hotel, InnSight Hotel (it's still budget hotel in Hong Kong, but cleaner & more modern than where we stayed before).

Chung King Mansion is an old building in Tsim Sha Tsui (a famous district for bargaining shops). The first floor of the mansion was full of street food restaurants, money exchange & electronic shop. The second till the highest floor was apartments, but HK people turn their apartments to some kind of guest house. The apartment was divided into some small rooms that fit only a bed & a very small bathroom (a closet & shower). Veryyy limited space! Hostel & hotels were sooo expensive. For the price of my hostel room in Chung King Mansion, in Indonesia you can spend a night in 4 star hotel =___=

Met Indonesian couple (husband & wife) while checking out Chungking Mansion. It's so nice to hear Javanese language in HK! :D (To koko & cece, so sorry I forgot your names & emails :( I should've emailed this picture to youuu...)

This day was dedicated to (1) check out from Tokyo hostel Chung King Mansion, (2) wifey wait at restaurant while hubby Sholat Jum'at, (3) check in to InnSight Hotel -- which was actually quite near to Chung King, (4) random city tour.

It's a random city tour, exploring Hongkong's Kowloon area on foot with my hubby.

So many shops selling electronic stuffs. Much cheaper than malls. But me & my hubby had no courage to buy anything. Bargaining sometimes ended up with angry seller =__=

The we found Kowloon Park near our new hotel. Near the mosque in Tsim Sha Tsui. Kowloon Park is a free public area, and definitely a hidden gem in our journey!

So many objects of nature inside this park! From Garden of Life, bird park, Chinese park, lotus, orchid garden, bla bla bla...

A very nice place to spend a lazy afternoon ^o^

...or doing photoshoot (maybe she's a fashion blogger?)

And there's a museum inside the park. What a treasure!

Chinese heritage is so rich *__* from ancient artefacts to beautiful Chinese architecture...


I was standing above the ruins of Chinese porcelain ;p

Too bad the museum closed at 6 pm, we only spent a little time there.
(My hubby is a museum-lover, look at his sad face!)

Then we walked through the park again. Heyyyy there were a flamingo pond!! Cuteeee! Pink flamingos! (due to the light, in this photo they looked pale)

Some local men playing traditional game near bird park :D

And we crossed a bridge that took us to harbour. It's dark already. But the view was amazing...

And we walk back to our hotel (far far away), passing Canton Road, where some branded fashion stores took place.

Nice dresses by miu miu *__* kawaiii

And that's our third day story! Well, this might not exist in whoever's itinerary while visiting HK, but we do love spending time "tasting" the real Hong Kong life :) Besides, Kowloon Park was lovable.
PS: Near the park, try local juice stall, selling Mango sago drink. Yummy!

Credit: 90% photos by my hubby using Nikon camera