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Backpackmoon Day 2: HK Disneyland

Haaaiiii... This is the second post of honeymoon backpacking :p

On Thursday we decided to go to Disneyland Hong Kong. We thought Thursday was the right time, coz it's not weekend yet, so we assumed the theme park wouldn't be too crowded. We took MTR to Tung Chung/Disneyland Resort Line, and arrived at Disneyland at 10 am. It's the opening time, yayy!! Just in time :D

Disneyland Resort Line MTR was designated in Disneyish cuties... Made us happy! :D

By the way, ticket was quite expensive. For one-day Ticket, you must pay HKD 399... it's about Rp 500.000. But for the Disney experience (well, I was a BIG FAN of Disney movies!!) we'd pay for it! We chose HK Disneyland over HK Ocean Park (some travel websites would advise young adult to go to Ocean Park, as it offers education & thrilling theme park -- while Disneyland is suitable for kids).

Tadaaa! The famous Sleeping Beauty's castle! Finally we have our own photo in front of it!! Kyaaaa!!!!

There were many many many tourists & most of them wearing cute outfits while I was not =__=
Well, nothing much can be packed inside a backpack right? :P

Some Japanese tourists asked my hubby to take their picture

So many photo spots, yay!!! Lucky us, we brought a tripod :p

And also, many souvenir shops selling cute stuffs (VERY expensive). Let's try some silly hair accessories!

Oh yeah, don't forget to watch Disney magical philharmonic (duh, I forgot the show's name!) It's scheduled a few times a day, make sure you don't miss it! The show was magical! It's like a cabaret, with live dancing & singing of Disney songs. I could sing most of the songs hahahaha (in my childhood I bought Disney sound track cassettes & memorize the song :)))))

We also visited a castle of doll... At first I was lazy to go inside (I thought, maybe I'll be bored inside). But then I saw the doll was cuuuteeeeee...... I became a little girl again ^o^
Cute dolls from all around the world & around Disney scenes...

We also took an adventurous boat along wild river with (robotic) wild animals. Nice adventure! 
They're robot, can you believe it??? Or were they real??

I was reaaalllly tired at that point. Tired tired tired (remember the journey before this backpackmoon?) I walked slowly & wanted to sleep anywhere I could sit. Thanks hubby for understanding my tiredness :p

I slept during this Lion King cabaret =__= Actually it's a wonderful show, it's just me being so tired.

Then we rode roller coaster of Grizzly Gulch...
One of the most fun & thrilling ride! Yihaaaaa!!

It started to rain when we arrived at Toy Story Land...
Not much thing to play at TSL, and I don't want to ride the "kora-kora" thing. *coward*

Well, actually Disney's attractions are designed for young kids. Just a few ride for "screaming" thing, ex: Grizzly Gulch roller coaster (not too scary) and one in Toy Story Land (didn't try). So if you want to raise your adrenaline, Disneyland is not for you.

But I have some favorite attractions:
1. Buzz Lightyear ride
2. Winnie the Pooh's cute ride
3. Grizzly Gulch ride
4. Disney Philharmonic blabla
*I'll correct the name of the attractions once I open Disneyland's website, okay

It's 10 minutes before Disney attraction's closing time (6 pm) when we got back to Sleeping Beauty Castle. The castle closes at 6 pm to prepare the spectacular firework. Spent some minutes buying souvenirs and by the time we're finished from the souvenir shop, people was soooo crowded waiting for the firework!

Minutes before the spectacular Disney firework. Crowded!!
And we saw the beautifullll attraction :)
Happily ever after!!!!

Some lessons I gained from Disneyland HK:
  • It's okay to wear fashionable clothes, as most of the attractions sell cuteness, not adrenaline. It's also acceptable to wear long skirt (I saw a fashionable woman wearing long tutu skirt & high heels =_=) but wear legging please || If you wanna go to Universal Studio Singapore, you MUST wear pants
  • Wear cotton. So hot there!!!!!
  • Do not buy any photos of you in some attractions (example: at Winnie the Pooh's ride, a machine took our photo, and the price was $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$)
  • Canned biscuits at souvenir shop is cuuuteeee but expensive too. And the can contains the smallest cookies I've ever seen. Blah. Too expensive for that amount of money (except if you wanna collect the vintage tin).
  • Finish all the attractions before 6 pm
  • No need to take pictures with Disney characters if you wanna rush finishing all the attractions
  • Better you learn about Disney characters before going there, it will add more fun heheheheh
See you on the next day's story!

Photos: mostly by my hubby & his tripod :p

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  3. Congrats for your wedding, Tia! And Happy Honeymoon, too.

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  5. happy honeymoon...nice journey :D

  6. nice journey.....serunya hanoymoon terus :D

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