Selasa, 27 November 2012

We're Backpackers! Not Honeymooners!

One day after 2nd reception, me & my husband went backpacking! Aha! It should be a honeymoon, but we did a little bit mistake by planned to go to Hongkong, a faraway city we've never been before. We've spent quite a lot of money on the airplane (it was low cost airline though), and we should tight our budget at the city.

How could it be a honeymoon, when all day, all you want is to explore the city? Walking through MTR stations and sight-seeing. Remember, we went there just a few hours after all-the-wedding-hectic-things, and it was sooooooooo tiring @____@

But after all, this wonderful trip is memorable :) We did enjoy it, right, my hubby??
Just a tip for bride wannabe: It will be MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE planning honeymoon at Bali / Lombok, for a quiet, peaceful sanctuary... Be relaxed after your wedding day. No need to rush going sightseeing. Or, you can go faraway but maybe by joining a tour agency. Less walk and less getting lost, hahahaha..

Here's some pictures & first day honeymoon backpacking story...

Surabaya Juanda (Jetstar Airways) - Changi Airport (Tiger Airways) - Hong Kong!! But not that easy, really.
First stop: Singapore's Changi Airport. Arrived at 8.30 pm and spent the whole night at Changi!! Hehehehe...

Our belongings. Families were shocked: how could we bring only 2 backpacks when we had 5 days to spend on honeymoon? Well, I told you it's not honeymooon...

Eating burgerking. Aha. Self timer camera.

Cheers! "We still have 6 hours to spend here!" said my husband. (Tripod & self timer camera)

Going to 11 pm, people started to sleep everywhere. Literally everywhere.

Hey, there's a Snooze Lounge at Terminal 3 for free! Can we sleep there??

Oh no! It's fully loaded!! Hmmmm quite comfortable isn't it?

Let's just sleep at some couch... *picture is for illustration only*

A few tips to sleep at Changi Airport: BRING YOUR INFLATABLE NECK PILLOW!! Argh I left that thing at my home :( It's as low as Rp 25.000 in Indonesia, but at airport they cost 5x higher. It will be really useful too for long journey at the airplane. Less neck tension.
And also, BRING YOUR WARMEST JACKET. It will be really cold at midnight at the airport...

At 2 am we woke up and planning to go to LCCT to catch our 5 am flight to Hongkong. Our pity, we slept at Terminal 3, and to go to LCCT there's a bus at Terminal 2. Buuuut the express vehicle from Terminal 3 to 2 was UNDER CONSTRUCTION until 5 am @___@ so we walked about 40 minutes to Terminal 2. Subhanallah... Morning workout, yeah??

To make the story short, finally we arrived at Hongkong! Alhamdulillaah...

We checked in at our budget hotel at Chung King Mansion, cleaned ourselves, and continue to have lunch & sight seeing.


And we decided to go to Victoria Peak by bus... which turned out to be... another long journey *we had no idea it was far awayyy*

It was already dark when we got to Victoria Peak. Don't know where we're going, we just followed some other tourists. They went to a mall near the bus station, we followed. 

And at the highest floor, we saw this:

*___* wowwww

And that's our first day of backpack-moon! ;)

Credit: Photos by my husband