Senin, 26 November 2012

Wedding Reception - 2nd Episode

Still about the wedding (aha, maybe you'll be quite bored of my never-ending-wedding-posts), here's some pictures of the second reception, held for my big family's catering employee (or catering empire, aamiin).

I was wearing the same kebaya as I've worn here, and mothers were wearing "akad" kebaya. Well, no need to spend more money to make another kebaya, and this was quite a humble ceremony...

For decorations, we used the same decor as in the reception a day before.

People was having fun... Karaoke and parody and a little bit of dancing....

Hehehe =___=" the cooks were getting crazeeeehhh...

I did dance with my husband's grandpa... I didn't know it was our last dance :'( 
Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'uun, grandpa passed away at October 9, 2012...

And here's our photobooth shoot! Smile!

I'm glad we're already married :)

PS: there will be a posting about the 3rd wedding reception - Ngunduh Mantu (reception held by husband's family) so stay tuned (only if you wanna know hehehe)
But as I'm a little bit lazy choosing photo & editing/resizing & writing, maybe the post will be done a months later (-___-)zzzZZZ

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  1. hihihiii..seruuu never ending hepi nya juga yaa tii..

  2. Si Mbak cantik bgt........
    turut berduka ya buat opanya......


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