Rabu, 19 September 2012

The Magic of Draping

Playing with my wedding seserahan lace fabric on a mannequin: it's magical to see what the dress will be like when you wrap your fabric differently. Especially with french-lace, you can play with the pattern (it's important to see the positioning of the lace-pattern on your body).

Hmmm now I'm confused, which one should I choose :)))

PS: Tips for Muslim Ladies
If designing kebaya, use the main pattern of lace (the bigger part of motifs) on your chest & shoulder as it will be more appropriate and somehow 'cover' your body.

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  1. This is an amazing post - thanks very much for sharing!

  2. bagus yang kiri, tia, kainku juga gak di jahit dulu sih, maunya dibikin dress, tapi belum tau juga diapakan, kaya'nya model dres yang kamu tunjukin bagus :)

  3. Bagus yang kiri ka Tia... Cantik :)



  4. dua duanya bagus.. >< heheh.. agak mirip.

  5. dua duanya bagus.. >< heheh.. agak mirip.


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