Senin, 17 September 2012

Bye-bye Sweet Friends...

A year ago, I met some beautiful-new-friends at a beautiful-community called Hijabee Surabaya. We committed to raise those community, spreading love-of-wearing-hijab. 

Well, time goes by pretty fast, and now I will leave Surabaya for good :') Sorry for not being able to accompany you all, and for the past few months I didn't give my best to help your ahmahzing eventsss (blame my so-called "royal wedding" hahahah)

Luv u all, my sweet bees :) Thanks for wonderful experience & friendship I had with you!

And keep humble, yaaa dear Surabaya ladies ;*

*PS: sorry for the incomplete photos, there were too many of you :p apalagi sekarang banyak anak baru hihihii... maju terus pantang mundurrrr... Maapken yaa yang fotonya ga kepajang :*

**Anggaplah ini Fashion Spread ala muslimah Suroboyo :D