Minggu, 05 Agustus 2012

Sisterhood of the Traveling... me?

While I was 'on my busy trip' in Jakarta, I visited Sisterhood's event by Dian Pelangi, the famous-young-muslim-designer. She created some highlighted event such as: talkshow with Malaysian fashion bloggers, dinner, and grand event: launching of her book & community. Cool, isn't it?

I joined the talkshow (about blogging & online business & hijab style) and met Delicia, Hijabee Surabaya's committee & KOKSI brand owner :)
Here's some pic of us & the event, taken from Delicia's facebook ^^

 Shea Rasol + model, Ami Schaheera + model, and model + Jezmine Blossom
(after applying their hijab style to models)

MC + Hana Tajima + Dian Pelangi + Ghaida

Meet Delicia, the owner of KOKSI!

Meet me! *muka kucel banget ya =__=

Overall, actually it's a good event. Too bad the timing was too short. It's like joining a talkshow which only talks about general things that we already know, but it's delivered by bloggers we love. Only 5 questions from the audience, makes it hard to know more about the topic.
The entrance fee was pretty expensive too (remember the limited time we got). Deli told me that when she met Dina Toki'o outside the event and wanna take picture, the event organizer refused to give a chance. Ahhhh maybe photoshoot could only be done in a different event, perhaps in the dinner which cost a fortune.

Yeah, however, arranging Malaysian & London bloggers to visit Indonesia is not cheap ya. We can only accept 'the exclusiveness'. Bahasa Jawa-nya: Ono rego ono rupo #halah

At the event I saw a girl holding a cute brochure written: Aifa Suitcase. What!! Aifa Suitcase??? Oh my!! She was my favorite blogger (before she decided to close her blog & before hijab blogs spreads like spores). So I found out that mba Aifa joined the Sisterhood Bazaar. Ahhh I missed her blog sooo much!!! Too bad she wasn't at the booth at that moment.

By the way, you can read http://deliciarosanna.blogspot.com/2012/07/hellloooooooooooo.html for her point of view of the event :)

Ehhhmmmm I'm getting tired writing blog in English... Should I change my blog's language to Bahasa or to Javanese maybe??

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  1. hana tajima nggak terlalu tinggi, atau emang dian pelangi yang sangat menjulang ? :D

  2. we didnt meet agaain kak T_T
    tp aku cm berkeliaran diluaran situ sihh hehehe

  3. kakak pake boot ya, bagus kakkkkk :)))

  4. oh god, pengen dateng tp waktu itu ngk bisa say hiks

  5. @Fenty: dua-duanya benerrr, hana-nya imut, dian-nya tinggi :))
    @Annisa: waaahhh sayang ya ga ketemuan... tapi aku kesananya emang diem2 sih, gak koar2 siapa2 :p
    @Rini: ahahahha makasiiihhh
    @Nabila: pasti ada kesempatan lain lagi ;)


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