Selasa, 26 Juni 2012

The Body Shop's Beauty Class

Being The Body Shop's member, I got a benefit: Beauty Class invitation!! Yayyy!!! Since I'm suck at applying any makeup at my face, being invited in such event will really help me polishing my face :D

I also invited two of my friends to accompany me although they're not TBS' members. Thanks Body Shop!!

The class started with basic knowledge of Daily & Weekly Regime. Whoaaa this is important!! I've just known that to have good skin, we should do this steps EVERYDAY:

  1. Cleanse: Make-up remover / Facial Wash (Make-up remover is to remove eye & lip makeup)
  2. Tone: Toner
  3. Eyecare: Eye cream / Gel / Serum (those eye care product has their own function. One is for dark circle, one is for puffy eyes, etc--forget which one heheheh)
  4. Treat: Serum (not recommended for acne-troubled skin)
  5. Moisture: Moisturiser
  6. Protect: Sunblock / SPF Product. Some product already has SPF (like face powder / BB cream / etc. But in case your product don't have any sun protection, you MUST apply SPF product before wearing makeup, to avoid premature aging of your skin)

Surprisingly, The Body Shop's (TBS) beauty councelor told us that Toner is a MUST! I often abandon the using of face toner because my face already feels clean after washing. But actually, toner is important to minimize our skin's pore & cleanse dirt & cleanse make up residue.
While the use of face serum is NOT RECOMMENDED for troubled face (acne or super-oily skin).

IMPORTANT thing to do before those steps is TO CLEAN YOUR HANDS first! We often forget to do this and it will only spread more germs in your face.

Eyecare tips:
Create 6 spots--3 at the top of your eyes, and 3 below. Use your ring finger to massage those eyecream gently in singular direction.

Moisturiser tips:
Put moisturiser on 5 spot of your face (forehead, 2 cheek, nose, chin), then spread it over your face in singular direction (from chin to cheek, from nose to cheek, from the center of forehead to the outer).
Tips: After applying moisturiser, rub your palm until warm, then put your hands to warm your face. Your skin will absorb the moisturiser faster.


After doing the Daily Regime (step 1 to 6 above), it's time to apply... make up!

First, wear your foundation. TIPS: apply it in the same direction of your face-hair's growth!
If you don't want to wear foundation you can skip this step and wear two-way-cake or compact powder (same tips: apply it in the same direction of your face-hair's growth!)

Then, the MOST TRICKY part is EYE MAKEUP!!! Whoaaaa eye makeup scares me >,< (coz I can never apply eye shadow/liner or whatever correctly)
Actually it's pretty easy.
1. Apply light colored eyeshadow (E/S) full in your eye lid
2. At the outer corner of your eyelid, apply dark colored E/S like an "L" shape.
3. Ratakan (what is 'ratakan' in English??) until it looked natural. Darker color of outer eyes will create depth. Tatapan mata lebih tajam!! *euh sorry i thought it's easier to explain in Bahasa, but my blog already uses English as the main language -__-"

4. Draw eye line with eye liner. Trick? Draw 3 spots on your eye lid, then draw lines from dots to dots. Believe me, through those steps, drawing eye lines becomes easier :D
And then, put mascara, draw eyebrow, put blush on on your cheeks, and wear lipstick (ahahaha sorry for not being detail at these steps... I'm not a beauty blogger and I guess google can explain it better =__=")
Tadaaaaa, after the class, we've already make over ourselves! :P

And hey, I guess this is the first time I can do a proper makeup by myself (although my eye brow line was not neat enough hahahah).
Compared to "self-make-up" a few weeks ago (look at the eye makeup... it's clear that I didn't have the ability to put eye shadow correctly), my makeup after the beauty class is so....fresh :)

Alhamdulillah for the experience \(^o^)/

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  1. saya sering ikut beginian dulu. hehe

  2. walah,,,kartu member bodyshop punyaku uda gak pernah dipake lagi...hehehhee

  3. nice post :)
    ditunggu kunjungan baliknya yaah ,

  4. asek juga ada acara begitu ya, bermanfaat buat wanita :)
    gimana puasanya di sana? have a nice fasting day aja deh :D

  5. berbagi kata kata motivasi gan
    Lebih mudah untuk melawan ribuan orang bersenjata lengkap dibandingkan melawan kesombongan diri sendiri.
    semoga bermanfaat dapat di terima dan salam kenal ya gan :D , ku tunggu kunjungan baliknya :D


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