Rabu, 20 Juni 2012

Poster Designs & Upcoming Events

Designed some posters for Hijabee Surabaya:

Yes, that 3 posters were made by me ^__^
and yes, I'll be a guest speaker too at the first poster hahaha =__=" wish me luck...

PS: Have you joined the Traveling Giveaway? The Giveaway will be closed on Sunday June 24 :)

Minggu, 17 Juni 2012

Traveling Giveaway

UPDATE 26/6/2012: GIVEAWAY CLOSED. Please wait for the winner :p

Assalamu'alaikum ^^

Okay, I have some gimmicks from some places I visited in the last few months. We'll have some fun!! :D

One package, containing chocolatier (Malaysia), key chain (Singapore), a mini-pouch (Thailand), mini-Bali Soap (Bali), two sachets of Bandrek (Bandung), and maybe more things, will be given to one lucky Travel-Lover.

To Join The Giveaway?
Please leave comment with your email address and write your Most-Memorable Traveling Experience include details such as: Where, What To Do There (Point of interest in that city/country), How Much is the entrance fee of the attraction (if there is any), and is it traveling for friends/family/couple? If you had already written your travel-experience at your personal blog, please give the link, too.
We LOVE to share, don't we? And your review could help us-travel-lover too to find our next traveling destination :D

PS: for Indonesian residence only

Sabtu, 09 Juni 2012

The Ubercool Cinemagraphs

Just found out about Cinemagraphs,
A Cinemagraph is an image that contains within itself a living moment that allows a glimpse of time to be experienced and preserved endlessly. 
Or simply said, a .gif picture which is a little bit animated.

Before I saw the pictures, I underestimate. I thought, how great a .gif file can be?
But theeeen, look at this pictures!! Makes me go WOWWW :D

The pictures are moving!! Reminds me of Harry Potter's newspaper :)
If you wanna see more Cinemagraphs, visit this site.