Kamis, 24 Mei 2012

Wedding and Peanuts (from the heart)

Last month, a happy couple from TI'05 (my college) became happily married. Woohoo lucky me I could attend their wedding and met my friends :)
 Congrats, Sita & Habib!!
What a blessful couple, lots of TI friends attend their ceremony, and it was like... HEBOHHH

*sebelum lipstik luntur* *bedak masih nempel*

The bride & groom with TI-friends

And I met my entrepreneur friend: Anggi! He's the owner of SODARA Kacang Lorjuk. He called it: Peanuts from the heart! Heheheheh... 
Good luck bro!!
Anggi / Indah / Iva / akyuuu / Fitri
*muka saya mulai kinclong, lipstik luntur :p*

Kriuk kriukk... enjoying the "Kacang Lorjuk" as I got home :9
To get this peanut, click here
PS: Thanks for Alen (all pictures in this post belongs to Alen's camera), exclude the "kacang lorjuk" heheheh

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