Kamis, 17 Mei 2012

Universal Studio Singapore

Just wanna post some photos (so that I can smile again and again each time I open my blog ;p hihii)
A wonderful experience visiting Universal Studio Singapore (USS) with family!!

Candilicious store outside the USS. Pleasure for eye & throat (yummy!)

What I wore: comfy sleeveless blouse + cardi + aladin pants + rubber shoes

Brother with silly pose inside USS. It's a cute antique car selling popcorn!

Regularly, Universal's character will come out, take a walk & have some times to take pictures with people. But only for a limited time! Too bad we couldn't take picture with this cute Po (Kungfu Panda) coz he should go backstage. Aaaargghh so cuteeee >o<

Meet her: Ratu Ngebor :p

New York, New York.... "Where will we go next?"
"Let's ride those attraction!"

"This roller coaster?? Okay..."
So, me and my brother rode this thrilling roller coaster :D I only screamed a little, hehehe..

Then, Far Far Away... The land of fairy tales & princesses....

So lucky, we met Puss in Boots! Picture please!! Smile! :D
(Mom was so happy having a picture with him. But in real world mom didn't like cat =__=" heheheh)

Let's try some silly hats!! Which one do you like??
Gift store provides cute stuff from Universal Studio's characters.
 It's already 6 PM, all the attractions were closed, and it's time to say good bye to this wonderful place, where dreams came true :')

On our way back to hotel, inside MRT...
"D, later, would you accompany me to Singapore again? You have known the transportation mode, right?" said Mom to my bro.
"Sure, it's okay..." D answered.
"Yeah, cos mbak T (me) will get married and live away from us..." said Mom again.

(this holiday is sort of "the last holiday for the four of us". Later, I'll leave home as I'm getting married. But I hope there'll be another family trip, with an addition: my husband. Aamiin)