Jumat, 04 Mei 2012

Third Times This Year

After Phuket-Thailand and Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia, I visited this country:

I didn't know how could I travel a lot like this. Going abroad 3 times a year (it's not even a year) was way too much for the-old-me. But let me tell you a secret.
Last year I wrote a dream-book, with unsure feelings: "Visit 3 countries a year."

I couldn't think how will those dream come true. How much money should I save to fulfill those wish?
But it just happened, in an unpredictable way ^^ Two of three countries I visited was sponsored by others. I only save for Phuket. Whoaaa *merinding*. 

My conclusion is: We can wish anything. Dream everything. We have limited capability, but for Allah, there's nothing impossible.
Write your dreams in a special book. Hmmmm I wanna visit Europe too ;)

Have a nice day! :D

*ahh I guess I should buy a book "The Magic of Dream Book" by Rangga Umara