Selasa, 08 Mei 2012

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

In the middle of April, Food & Beverage Expo was held at Singapore. My mom + dad + auntie + uncle went there. Luckily, me & my brother could join too!

On Thursday we had a chance to visit Rise restaurant in Marina Bay Sands. Wowww such heaven on earth!! And I can eat all of the food!!!
Upper: cakes displayed prettily. Bottom: roast rib & salad, food styling by me :p hahaha not pretty neat huh?

Well, as a prove that I really went there, you can see my pose (weird expression =_=")
And you know what? For the first time I tried raw scallop. RAW. Hasn't been cooked yet! aaarghh..
But it's fine. It's just about how our mind accept that raw food is okay, too, as long as it's clean.

However, eating such expensive dining with good quality of food, makes me believe that I love Indonesian food more. Tempe penyet is the best!! Hahahaaa... (Well, international & Indonesian food are both delicious in different ways :D)

After filling our stomach, we took a walk inside Marina Bay Sand's Shopper mall. It has a great interior design, especially how the architect put river & lake & waterfall (looked like wash basin) inside the mall. Hmmm later if I go to Singapore again with husband (after I get married of course hahha), I'll try the boat! Looked romantic *_* hihihii

The mall provides branded boutique, and I bought nothing. Twining tea-cafe was an adorable place but I took a peek, and shocked that a cup of tea worth SGD 20 ~ Rp 140.000. Gosh! How great is the tea?

Outside the mall, the view was amazing, too. You could see the famous boat-above-hotel. And an art museum in lotus shape, with lotus pond outside. 

Across Marina Bay Sands, separated by a bay (ah I can't write beautifully hahaha sorry for my disgusting language), was Merlion statue. We decided to go there by boat (too lazy to walk on the bridge). My uncle paid the boat, and I forgot how much it was... but riding the boat is a convenient way too :)
Upper: the bridge, across the bay. Bottom: the art museum in lotus shape & the bay

Hurrayyy we arrived at Merlion!! Photo with him (or it?) is a MUST :) My brother was thirsty and he's happy drinking water from Merlion's mouth (ewwww)

Mom & auntie & uncle 1 & uncle 2 & dad. Alhamdulillaaah we're happy! :D

Then we walked again to a road near Merlion. Ahhhh, why everything in Singapore looked like art? I could just sit there, looking at the peaceful river, and dreaming all day :) Life is beautiful!
We bought Es Potong (sliced ice cream, sandwiched inside waffer cake). Choco chip was the best!
We wish you healthy & happy, dear mr. Ice man...

At night, we went back to Marina Bay Sands, coz every night there's a free show! It's the amazing light & water show. They used water as a screen for movie, PLUS dancing fountain, PLUS music, PLUS beautiful lighting effect, PLUS bubbles. Aaaahhh coool!!! Seeing a beautiful show like that make me wanna go there again with everyone I love :)

*battery camera exhausted, I could only take this 2 pictures!!*

What a great day :) Alhamdulillaaah..
Definitely want to come back.

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  1. wow, Singapore look so fresh with your lens :D
    im jealous right now. hiiihi

  2. berbagi Kata Bijak
    Meski tak dicintai oleh dia yg kamu cinta, tak berarti kamu merasa tak berarti. Hargai dirimu dan temukan seseorang yg tahu itu.
    semoga dapat di terima :D

  3. wahhh,, sangat sempurna sekali ya dan menyenangkan pastinya,, semuanya ada dan tersedia.. hehe.. :)

  4. wahhh,, sangat sempurna sekali ya dan menyenangkan pastinya,, semuanya ada dan tersedia.. hehe.. :)


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