Senin, 07 Mei 2012

Durian Pancake Night

Last month I bought the-booming-Durian-Pancake (the Surabaya reseller is mbak Anna, my friend)
Then mbak Anna told me that there was a "Durian Pancake Expression Contest"!!!
Ta daaaaa!!

I felt so challenged and intended to win it. Who doesn't love durian??
So I tried my best. I took my BEST picture. Ganbatte!! Surrounded by the spirit to win (oke mulai lebay), I also photoshopped my photos. Sent.

Then I forgot it. Hihiiiiii suddenly last week @durianPancakeL mentioned me.

I WIN!!! Yippiiieee ;)
Here are my photos btw, hehehee...

My brother joined me eating durian pancake :D

 And here is the winning-picture!!! ^o^
PS: the twin & the scary makeup was PHOTOSHOPPED! :p

Alhamdulillah yaaa sesuatu banget :')
BTW strawberry-durian-pancake was deliciosooo