Jumat, 13 April 2012

STYLE TIPS for Light Traveling

Case Study: Backpacking to hot weathered city 

Based on (my) experience, follow the rules!! Trust me, it works! ;p


  1. Utilize what you bring! LESS IS MORE - you don't wanna bring a heavy backpack do you? Wear pants twice or more :D If it's not dirty, you can wear it more often xixixii
  2. One shoes is enough, my advice is to wear rubber shoes with comfortable insoles. It will dry easily if you get wet, no dirt, and no hurt especially if you need to walk a lot! I've tried backpacking using a semi-sneakers, but it wasn't practical if I want to take ablution (wudhu), and the soles "kempes" (what is kempes in English?) so it hurt so much!
  3. Have some time to plan your clothes based on your activity. Coz you want your bag to be really light, choose outfits made of light cotton fabric.


  1. Wear jersey tee for swimming. It's heavy you know!! O_o my shirt became heavy and it's harder to dry. Choose spandex stretch swimming outfit, and you can cover it with light cotton outer for modesty.
  2. Bring denim jeans (it's based on other site's review) coz it's heavy
  3. Bring your heavy-wallet. Please leave your unnecessary credit cards/member cards/restaurant receipt at home.

Clothing Example:

As you see, I wore my pants twice! Hahahah!
And wear shoes/bag that can go well for all your outfits. Here, if you notice, I only brought "pink shades" clothes ;p

2. Accessories you SHOULD bring
  1. Sunglasses
  2. One more scarf (it can be useful for style-changing or simply turn it into "sajadah" /bedsheet /picnic mat /tie it to your backpack so other won't mistaken your black-plain-ordinary-bag when leaving plane /taking baggage)
  3. SUNBLOCK! (uhuh, trust me it's the best 'accessory' you couldn't leave without!)
  4. Your biggest SMILE :D You may leave your fashionable clothes at home, but that doesn't matter since you enjoy your trip!!

Happy traveling!!

I choose comfy over stylish. How about you?
(well, it's good if you can do both ;) heheheh)

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  1. aaaaaa, very usefull tips kak, soalnya aku juga sering kegiatan outdorr :3

  2. MasyaAllah sis!! This article is really helpful. Thanks ya :)

  3. MasyaAllah sis! This sharing is really helpful.. Thanks ya :)

  4. i have a big dream. and i'm reaching the dream to be a traveler. thank you to share the dream place.


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