Rabu, 25 April 2012

Kuala Lumpur With Quinsha #3

While in Kuala Lumpur, I had always worn clothes from Quinsha (hehe quite relieving, because choosing clothes for packing is so frustrating!)
April 5th was my last day in KL with mbak Arin.
What I wore:
 And gotta say good bye to these wonderful persons! They are all entrepreneurs from Komunitas Tangan di Atas (tangan di atas = giving is better than receiving --> entrepreneur's motto)
Up: TDA community which went to KL. Bottom: Mbak Arin, a few second before leaving KL ;)

One night, all TDA members who joined Matrade shared their stories & life experience. What I remember the most from the session are:
1. WRITE your dreams and visualize it. One by one, watch your dreams come true.
2. Never say KEBETULAN and MASALAHNYA...
We usually say, "Kebetulan saya bla bla bla.... masalahnya, saya harus bla bla bla.."
Nothing is accidental, coz Allah has plan everything.
And when we say something is a "masalah" a.k.a "trouble", the difficulties will double. Let's say it's a challenge and we could go through it of course! :D

So, are you happy going to KL, Tia?
Absolutely :)

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  1. sangat menginspirasi!

    btw aku pindahan Tia :D sekarang blogku di lalalahowthelifegoeson.blogspot.com

  2. Kena banget sama yang nomor 2 :'D

  3. wah, saya ingin juga ke sana. mudah-mudahan ada rejeki :)


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