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Backpacker: Phuket Simon Cabaret

The Ladyboy's Show

Salaam bloggers :D
I want to update my Phuket-Trip-Story!!

On the second night of our Phuket-trip, we visited Simon Cabaret. I think in my country Indonesia, there will be no chance to see things like that. Why?
Because, the players at Simon Cabaret are all TRANSGENDER.
What?? Do you mean LADYBOY?
You won't see any kind of this show in Indonesia!

So why on earth you wanna see a show like that Tea?
Well, because me and my friends were curious. It's a famous show in Phuket, and lots cheaper than Phuket Fantasea (another great dance/opera show).
I heard those ladyboys in Thailand were so beautiful, even more prettier than a real woman =___=

What I wore: t-shirt + a very comfy cardigan + slouchy carrot pants + crocs + slouchy hijab. Ah so comfy :P

And voila we did see the show!! Hahahaa...
Each of us paid 600 baht to see the famous ladyboys (we were given discount by our tour agent. VIP seats usually cost 700 baht).
The show was cool: many songs & dances from modern (K-pop girlband look-alike) to traditional dances of Indian, Thailand, China, etc. (we weren't allowed to use camera/other recording devices--but hey I found a picture from phuketreport.com that might give you a clue on how the  show was performed. The stage decoration, the lighting, costumes & correographer was great (although their lipsync were not convincing). But it's a good show, and we laughed so bad when the "funny" ladyboy (which's not that pretty :p) came out and interactively go down stage.

If you're curious about the show, click here. If you're curious about how beautiful the ladyboy was, look at the pictures below which my friends captured. (Luckily those pretty women were not women, so my friends didn't fall in love hahahah!)

 can you believe they WERE all BOYS??? *_* Too good to be true, huh?
but don't be jealous, naturally we are all beautiful aren't we? ;) 

How to recognize ladyboys? Here's 10 tips to make you sure "that pretty girl" was actually a boy.

What an experience. Hahahahhh..

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  1. sumpah, aku penasarannya ke phuket ya pengen liat ladyboys itu :p secantik apa siiih :D


    waktu melihat mereka, menonton pertunjukannya, jadi iri sendiri loh
    yang asli perempuan aja kok gak secantik itu ya

  3. @Fenty: wuah,,, cantiknya bikin minder dehhh :P
    @mb. Elsa: bener bangetsss... tapi kayaknya itu hasil operasi semua ya,, *menghibur diri sendiri*

  4. kunjungan gan :)
    bagi bagi motivasi :
    Sesungguhnya di saat kesusahan teman, satu senyum yang tulus lebih berharga daripada sejuta kata yang tiada guna.
    ditunggu kunjungan baliknya gan :)


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