Minggu, 08 April 2012

Backpacker: Phuket City Tour

Sunday, March 25, our last day at Phuket.
Arrgh our vacation was too short :')
We rent motorcycles and had city tour by ourselves, using map as our tour guide. We also tried buying gasoline from an automated machine :p Wowww cool! *ndeso*
euh I hate my face wearing sunglasses =__= looked like an arrogant woman

First destination was Banzaan market. My friend Adhit heard, many food stalls open in Banzaan. But when we went there, none. Hmmm the food stalls only open at night. So we walk to Jungceylon mall (across Banzaan) to have breakfast and mall-thawaf *hahah*
Inside Jungceylon Mall

After filling our hungry stomaches, we were ready to explore Phuket. Karon beach we're comiiing!! A few minutes away from Patong (our hostel), this beach offered clean sands & beach seats for relaxing. We didn't play at the beach, just took some pictures as evidence we had been there :p Well, the sand in Similan island was whiter, but for a free beach, Karon is beautiful too!

Then we went to BIG BUDDHA. The famously big statue in Phuket, which was still under construction. The site was free to enter, and we can donate to help the construction (I think it was a good marketing concept--zero entrance fee, but creating sympathy: visitor can write their name on the stone, money from all around the world were displayed, etc etc). The statue was SO BIG!

And we visited Wat Chalong, too. Phuket's beautiful temple.

Not forgetting to take a picture at every "photogenic spots" we passed by. Hehehehe. The key of happy backpacking is to take pictures everywhere :p
And Voila! That's how we did our 2 nights + 2 days trip to Phuket :)

Budget for city tour:
rent a motorcycle 
buy LOTS of drink (since it's very hot)
lunch etc max. 200 baht

I hope there'll be another chance to go backpacking again with my friends. Aamiin ^^

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  1. di madura ada juga tuh mbak, pantai yang pasirnya putih kayak gitu. tapi ga ada tempat berjemurnya kayak gitu :D cuma ada cemara udangnya heheheee

    1. aq tauu.. itu pasti pantai lombang yaa.. hehe.. aq pernah kesanaa hafniii

  2. Tia, kayaknya aku pernah tau deh sama cowok pake kacamata yg paling kiri di foto terakhir, tapi sapa ya? hahaha.. :D wajahnya familiar deh..

    byw, anw, jadi pengen ke pukhet juga deh jadinya :S


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