Rabu, 25 April 2012

Kuala Lumpur With Quinsha #3

While in Kuala Lumpur, I had always worn clothes from Quinsha (hehe quite relieving, because choosing clothes for packing is so frustrating!)
April 5th was my last day in KL with mbak Arin.
What I wore:
 And gotta say good bye to these wonderful persons! They are all entrepreneurs from Komunitas Tangan di Atas (tangan di atas = giving is better than receiving --> entrepreneur's motto)
Up: TDA community which went to KL. Bottom: Mbak Arin, a few second before leaving KL ;)

One night, all TDA members who joined Matrade shared their stories & life experience. What I remember the most from the session are:
1. WRITE your dreams and visualize it. One by one, watch your dreams come true.
2. Never say KEBETULAN and MASALAHNYA...
We usually say, "Kebetulan saya bla bla bla.... masalahnya, saya harus bla bla bla.."
Nothing is accidental, coz Allah has plan everything.
And when we say something is a "masalah" a.k.a "trouble", the difficulties will double. Let's say it's a challenge and we could go through it of course! :D

So, are you happy going to KL, Tia?
Absolutely :)

Selasa, 24 April 2012

Kuala Lumpur with Quinsha #2

Assalamu'alaikum :) So long I haven't touched my blog! I haven't even finished my KL's story and I've been to another traveling, voila!

So here it is, the story on how can I go to KL with Quinsha...
One day before my trip to Phuket...
Ratih: "Tia, can I give your phone number to Mbak Arin Quinsha? Important!"
Tia: "Okay... What is it about?"
A few second later...
*phone ringing*
Tia: "Hello? Assalamu'alaikum?"
Arin: "Wa'alaikumsalaam. This is Arin... Tia, do you want to go to Kuala Lumpur to exchange me?"
Tia: *speechless*

Hehehehe... That's the REAL story. Quinsha Batik had a chance to go to Buyer-Seller meeting during MIHAS 2012 at Kuala Lumpur, but Mbak Arin was unable to go. Meanwhile, her company's name has been listed. So it's a big no no for no-show. She gotta find someone who is able to represent her at Kuala Lumpur.
I agree! Whoaaaaaa....
And luckily at the last second, Mbak Arin could go too! ;D

This is the pictures from day 3 in KL.
Mbak Arin & Me at Suria KLCC, a mall near MIHAS exhibition. We both were wearing Quinsha's product.

Up: Cute product! Instant spaghetti in Mickey's tray
Bottom: Wardah booth from Indonesia was crowded, full of buyers :D

There were many many great halal product during MIHAS, too bad I didn't have good shots of pictures..

Up: Tunnel from Suria KLCC to KLCC, very beautifully decorated.
Bottom: Met Indonesian workers (girl in black scarf and boy in white tee) at crepes booth inside Central Market (Pasar Seni)

Selasa, 17 April 2012

Kuala Lumpur with Quinsha #1

Alhamdulillah, on April 2 - 5 I was in Kuala Lumpur. My airplane & hotel was FREE, thanks to Quinsha batik! 
How come??
Detail story please? 
Later okay? hehehehehe.. kinda busy nowww *__*
 Dress: Quinsha Batik
I was in MATRADE business meeting!
Met new friends & relations & of course priceless experience :)

Jumat, 13 April 2012

STYLE TIPS for Light Traveling

Case Study: Backpacking to hot weathered city 

Based on (my) experience, follow the rules!! Trust me, it works! ;p


  1. Utilize what you bring! LESS IS MORE - you don't wanna bring a heavy backpack do you? Wear pants twice or more :D If it's not dirty, you can wear it more often xixixii
  2. One shoes is enough, my advice is to wear rubber shoes with comfortable insoles. It will dry easily if you get wet, no dirt, and no hurt especially if you need to walk a lot! I've tried backpacking using a semi-sneakers, but it wasn't practical if I want to take ablution (wudhu), and the soles "kempes" (what is kempes in English?) so it hurt so much!
  3. Have some time to plan your clothes based on your activity. Coz you want your bag to be really light, choose outfits made of light cotton fabric.


  1. Wear jersey tee for swimming. It's heavy you know!! O_o my shirt became heavy and it's harder to dry. Choose spandex stretch swimming outfit, and you can cover it with light cotton outer for modesty.
  2. Bring denim jeans (it's based on other site's review) coz it's heavy
  3. Bring your heavy-wallet. Please leave your unnecessary credit cards/member cards/restaurant receipt at home.

Clothing Example:

As you see, I wore my pants twice! Hahahah!
And wear shoes/bag that can go well for all your outfits. Here, if you notice, I only brought "pink shades" clothes ;p

2. Accessories you SHOULD bring
  1. Sunglasses
  2. One more scarf (it can be useful for style-changing or simply turn it into "sajadah" /bedsheet /picnic mat /tie it to your backpack so other won't mistaken your black-plain-ordinary-bag when leaving plane /taking baggage)
  3. SUNBLOCK! (uhuh, trust me it's the best 'accessory' you couldn't leave without!)
  4. Your biggest SMILE :D You may leave your fashionable clothes at home, but that doesn't matter since you enjoy your trip!!

Happy traveling!!

I choose comfy over stylish. How about you?
(well, it's good if you can do both ;) heheheh)

Senin, 09 April 2012

Fashion Inspiration: Fifi Lapin

Okay this is weird, but I'm TOTALLY FALLIN IN LOVE with this cutie rabbit!!
Fifi Lapin is the most fashionable bunny I've ever seen... Aaaaghhh so cuteee >__<
She wears dresses from the runway.

 So pretty isn't she?
Visit her blog here :) I also stalk her facebook too...
I'm in loooveeee with her!

Minggu, 08 April 2012

Backpacker: Phuket City Tour

Sunday, March 25, our last day at Phuket.
Arrgh our vacation was too short :')
We rent motorcycles and had city tour by ourselves, using map as our tour guide. We also tried buying gasoline from an automated machine :p Wowww cool! *ndeso*
euh I hate my face wearing sunglasses =__= looked like an arrogant woman

First destination was Banzaan market. My friend Adhit heard, many food stalls open in Banzaan. But when we went there, none. Hmmm the food stalls only open at night. So we walk to Jungceylon mall (across Banzaan) to have breakfast and mall-thawaf *hahah*
Inside Jungceylon Mall

After filling our hungry stomaches, we were ready to explore Phuket. Karon beach we're comiiing!! A few minutes away from Patong (our hostel), this beach offered clean sands & beach seats for relaxing. We didn't play at the beach, just took some pictures as evidence we had been there :p Well, the sand in Similan island was whiter, but for a free beach, Karon is beautiful too!

Then we went to BIG BUDDHA. The famously big statue in Phuket, which was still under construction. The site was free to enter, and we can donate to help the construction (I think it was a good marketing concept--zero entrance fee, but creating sympathy: visitor can write their name on the stone, money from all around the world were displayed, etc etc). The statue was SO BIG!

And we visited Wat Chalong, too. Phuket's beautiful temple.

Not forgetting to take a picture at every "photogenic spots" we passed by. Hehehehe. The key of happy backpacking is to take pictures everywhere :p
And Voila! That's how we did our 2 nights + 2 days trip to Phuket :)

Budget for city tour:
rent a motorcycle 
buy LOTS of drink (since it's very hot)
lunch etc max. 200 baht

I hope there'll be another chance to go backpacking again with my friends. Aamiin ^^

Jumat, 06 April 2012

Backpacker: Phuket Simon Cabaret

The Ladyboy's Show

Salaam bloggers :D
I want to update my Phuket-Trip-Story!!

On the second night of our Phuket-trip, we visited Simon Cabaret. I think in my country Indonesia, there will be no chance to see things like that. Why?
Because, the players at Simon Cabaret are all TRANSGENDER.
What?? Do you mean LADYBOY?
You won't see any kind of this show in Indonesia!

So why on earth you wanna see a show like that Tea?
Well, because me and my friends were curious. It's a famous show in Phuket, and lots cheaper than Phuket Fantasea (another great dance/opera show).
I heard those ladyboys in Thailand were so beautiful, even more prettier than a real woman =___=

What I wore: t-shirt + a very comfy cardigan + slouchy carrot pants + crocs + slouchy hijab. Ah so comfy :P

And voila we did see the show!! Hahahaa...
Each of us paid 600 baht to see the famous ladyboys (we were given discount by our tour agent. VIP seats usually cost 700 baht).
The show was cool: many songs & dances from modern (K-pop girlband look-alike) to traditional dances of Indian, Thailand, China, etc. (we weren't allowed to use camera/other recording devices--but hey I found a picture from phuketreport.com that might give you a clue on how the  show was performed. The stage decoration, the lighting, costumes & correographer was great (although their lipsync were not convincing). But it's a good show, and we laughed so bad when the "funny" ladyboy (which's not that pretty :p) came out and interactively go down stage.

If you're curious about the show, click here. If you're curious about how beautiful the ladyboy was, look at the pictures below which my friends captured. (Luckily those pretty women were not women, so my friends didn't fall in love hahahah!)

 can you believe they WERE all BOYS??? *_* Too good to be true, huh?
but don't be jealous, naturally we are all beautiful aren't we? ;) 

How to recognize ladyboys? Here's 10 tips to make you sure "that pretty girl" was actually a boy.

What an experience. Hahahahhh..

For the 1st day's Phuket-diary, click here
For the 2nd day's Phuket-diary (Similan Tour), click here

Minggu, 01 April 2012

Going To Malaysia

I haven't finished my blog posts about Phuket, but tomorrow I'll be going to Kuala Lumpur.
It's a long story I will tell you later :p

BTW, do I have any Kuala Lumpur-reader? I'll be solo-traveling on Monday (which means a few hours more)..
What's best to see at KL at night? Petronas? Museum?
A little bit clueless, hasn't researched yet huhuhu

Hmm maybe I wanna see the famous Old Blossom Box' store..

Goo nite everyone!