Senin, 05 Maret 2012

Hijab Street Style with Dian Pelangi

Heheheee I have some photos from November 2011 which are not published yet :p

On the preparation of Hijabee Sparkling Sunday event, Hijabee's committee had a chance to meet Dian Pelangi, the rising star-Indonesia's young designer. She was on a road trip to Surabaya.

Also, Dian pelangi was on her project to make "hijab street style", so she took pictures of all the committee one by one. I don't know, maybe you'll see some of us in her book when it's published? :p *it's a maybe!*

Then I felt guilty that after the photo session, one by one asked to take picture with Dian Pelangi. Oh poor her, we treated her like a trophy... She must be tired. But she's a super nice & sweet person, she did always smile & looked happy all the time!
Alhamdulillaah, so much fun that day!

*no dresscode, we were just being ourselves*

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  1. I do love the last picture for sure, look you had a lot of fun kak:D


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