Selasa, 20 Maret 2012

Design: Patterned Dress

It's been more than a year ago I took illustration class at Arva. Never finished my task book though T_T

Actually, I had a good time there, I met new friends with different backgrounds. One was a dentist, one a womenpreneur (she had a boutique in a shopping area), one was a visual design student, one was me, one was a highschool student, one was a Japan literature student, and many others...
took some pictures in Arva, we wore pink dresscode one day, and white the other day :p

We had our task book. Enjoyed chit & chat. We loved to eat PopMie during class, or bought bakso outside Arva. And we sang at karaoke one day, so we came late to the class :))
But at many times I was too tired for a class afterwork. I started to skip the class. One by one my friends started to skip class too. Then when I get in class, i didn't meet them. Then one never come again cos she's busy with her business. One finished her tasks and passed our class. We rarely met the others again, due to the higher frequency of "skipping class"

It becomes less fun, truthfully :)
Well, I do finished my drawings, but never collected my designs to the teacher. Shall I collected it, I could get a certificate. But I didn't. So, that's the story how come I never finish.

Anyway this is one of my drawing in "creating fabric's pattern" design task.

Any thought?

Btw, in the next 3 days I will go backpacking :D hope everything goes well, good weather, good health, and good amount of money *hahah!!*
So I will neglect my blog again... huaaa

C u soon bloggie, with my trip's photos.... inshaAllah :)

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  1. yaaah, knp ga pernah dikumpulin Tia? padahal gambar kamu bagus bgt loh!. komposisi warna & polanya juga bagusss... aku pgn bisa gambar kyk gituuu.. :D

  2. have a nice backpacking..

  3. bagus bener gambarnya...

  4. gambarmu baguuuss, aku nggak bisa gambar kaya' gitu :(

  5. gambarnya bagus, aku suka mba...


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