Selasa, 27 Maret 2012

Backpacker: Phuket Day 1


How was your holiday? Alhamdulillah, I had a GREAT time :)
Can't stop smiling when I see my trip's photos, again and again.

I went to Phuket with my "backpacker families" a.k.a close friends from college. We've been waiting for this trip since a year ago, since we bought promo ticket from Airasia :)

The schedule of the flight were not traveler-friendly though... We took off from Jakarta at 5.30 pm and arrived at Phuket at 8.30 pm, so we only had a little time to enjoy Phuket at night. We had a van picked us up, which my friend Adhit arranged, and that minivan took us to our hostel at Patong beach area. We chose the area for accomodation because it has crowd at night, so we could spent the night sight seeing.

After checking in at hostel, we continued walking at night around Patong beach, looking for a halal restaurant. The roads were loaded with tourists from all around the world! But be careful when you walk at Bangla road, it's so crowded and you're better be accompanied, as there were hundreds of bars offering sexy dancers >_< hahaha *pornography detected*

While walking, noticing I wore hijab, there were many people greet "assalamu'alaikum" or offering halal food in their restaurant :D Nice!!
Finally, we chose Indian restaurant for dinner, and the owner said actually it's near their closing time, but for us, they will stay open.
I chose seafood salad 120 baht (bottom right)-- not a good choice because it felt like eating sliced onion in a sour hot sauce. HOT!!! I drank mineral water 20 baht & lemongrass tea 40 baht.

We went back to our hostel and have a good night rest at 00.30 am.

Budget spent on day 1 (per person):
Airport transfer to hostel: 100 baht (the minivan cost 700 baht, we divided it for 7 person)
Hostel for 2 nights: 470 baht
Dinner: 180 baht
Total: 750 baht

1 baht is approximately Rp 300 :)

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  1. very nice tripppppp, pengen juga :))))

  2. huwaaaa seruuu, tahun ini mesti nabung jugaaaa :-*

  3. Terjangkau banget ya :)
    Malah kayanya lbi murah dr di sini :p

  4. @Rini @Fenty: ayoooo, pasti kesampean kok kalo udah pengen :D
    @mb.Ita: agak mahal sih makan di sana... mungkin karena kawasan wisata hehehe

  5. tiaaa....lama engga buka blog ni, liat blog tia, eee trnyta udah tunangan yah...waaah selamat yaa sai..

    event hari H nya kapan tya..?:)

    itu tripnya bikin pingin...nabung dulu klo gitu yah,hehe.....:D


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