Rabu, 28 Maret 2012

Backpacker: Phuket Day 2 part 1

Similan Island's Snorkeling Tour

Hellooooo, I'll continue the story about my backpacking in Phuket :D
The second day's journey was: going to Similan Islands!! <3
It was the most expensive islands tour (compared to Koh Phi Phi, Phang Nga Bay, James Bond Island, and others), but we were able to lower the cost. We negotiated that we booked for 7 persons and asked for discount (the negotiation was done by email since we were still at Indonesia, given reference from Kaskus--the largest Indonesian's forum)

Sooo, at 6 am a van picked us up from our hostel (and other people from their hotel too). The transportation was included in a tour we arranged. This is the view from our van:
The nature is pretty much like Indonesia, ya? :D

About 1.5 hours later, the van arrived at a dock. We had some times to drink tea/coffee and eat biscuits. At this place, the tour agent gave us snorkeling equipment PLUS anti-sea-sick tablet.
We were not allowed to wear sandal/shoes into the boat. All the shoes were put together at the dock. Whoa, I was so excited to go snorkel for the first time!

Similan Island has 9 islands (Similan ~ Sembilan), and at the tour we visit 4 of them.
At the first island, I was so happy I ran from the beach through the sea. Alone. My friends were still preparing their equipment. I THOUGHT I CAN SWIM buuuuut, I drowned when I got nervous in a deeper sea. I lost control and couldn't breathe through the snorkel equipment. Drink lots of sea water. Asked for help to Japanese tourist but they thought I was waving to them -__-" So when I got panicked, actually it only make it worse. Swimming leads to nowhere, energy had already gone. Alhamdulillah at a point I could stand up and feel the sand! Thanks for saving my life ya Allah!!
My friend Novita experienced the "drowning" too, and we promised each other not to go too far :D
At the second island, the boat anchored in the middle of the sea. It's for people who want to see fish in deeper sea. That time, I was still afraid of drowning but my friends keep telling me that as long we were together, we'll be okay (some of my friends are good swimmers!!)
So I wore life jacket and stick to my friends. I drowned again -__- (well, not really drowning, but I panicked and can't swim and can't breathe)
The picture a: actually it's a "saving mission" for me. My friends swam and hold me but also asked me to smile in front of camera while swimming back to the boat :))) I couldn't swim at all, due to my panic-ness.
b. My friend Novita hold the boat, so she wouldn't drowned
c. Underwater photo
d. Adhit underwater

At the last island, we saw the beach were so beautiful! Sand were white, fishes could be seen without diving, and the scenery....subhanallah!!
We decided to just play around the beach. All my friends agreed that this last island was a "happy ending" from our Similan's story. Well, I really loved my tour & my journey that day :)
Very very thankful to Allah for the experience, and for keeping me still alive! Alhamdulillaaah!!

Budget that day (until afternoon)
Tour by Fantastic Similan Tour,
catalog price: 3200 baht/person

what we pay: ummm the amount is a secret :D You could negotiate with them by yourself hehehe
*about 2000-2500 baht*

Lesson learned: if I have a chance to go to a beach again, I will wear loose cotton outer like Novi did (the yellow one) with spandex inner a.k.a manset. It's much more modest :D
I wore thick t-shirt and it's so cold at the speedboat with wet clothes >_< (other tourists wore bikini which dried easily)

Selasa, 27 Maret 2012

Backpacker: Phuket Day 1


How was your holiday? Alhamdulillah, I had a GREAT time :)
Can't stop smiling when I see my trip's photos, again and again.

I went to Phuket with my "backpacker families" a.k.a close friends from college. We've been waiting for this trip since a year ago, since we bought promo ticket from Airasia :)

The schedule of the flight were not traveler-friendly though... We took off from Jakarta at 5.30 pm and arrived at Phuket at 8.30 pm, so we only had a little time to enjoy Phuket at night. We had a van picked us up, which my friend Adhit arranged, and that minivan took us to our hostel at Patong beach area. We chose the area for accomodation because it has crowd at night, so we could spent the night sight seeing.

After checking in at hostel, we continued walking at night around Patong beach, looking for a halal restaurant. The roads were loaded with tourists from all around the world! But be careful when you walk at Bangla road, it's so crowded and you're better be accompanied, as there were hundreds of bars offering sexy dancers >_< hahaha *pornography detected*

While walking, noticing I wore hijab, there were many people greet "assalamu'alaikum" or offering halal food in their restaurant :D Nice!!
Finally, we chose Indian restaurant for dinner, and the owner said actually it's near their closing time, but for us, they will stay open.
I chose seafood salad 120 baht (bottom right)-- not a good choice because it felt like eating sliced onion in a sour hot sauce. HOT!!! I drank mineral water 20 baht & lemongrass tea 40 baht.

We went back to our hostel and have a good night rest at 00.30 am.

Budget spent on day 1 (per person):
Airport transfer to hostel: 100 baht (the minivan cost 700 baht, we divided it for 7 person)
Hostel for 2 nights: 470 baht
Dinner: 180 baht
Total: 750 baht

1 baht is approximately Rp 300 :)

Selasa, 20 Maret 2012

Design: Patterned Dress

It's been more than a year ago I took illustration class at Arva. Never finished my task book though T_T

Actually, I had a good time there, I met new friends with different backgrounds. One was a dentist, one a womenpreneur (she had a boutique in a shopping area), one was a visual design student, one was me, one was a highschool student, one was a Japan literature student, and many others...
took some pictures in Arva, we wore pink dresscode one day, and white the other day :p

We had our task book. Enjoyed chit & chat. We loved to eat PopMie during class, or bought bakso outside Arva. And we sang at karaoke one day, so we came late to the class :))
But at many times I was too tired for a class afterwork. I started to skip the class. One by one my friends started to skip class too. Then when I get in class, i didn't meet them. Then one never come again cos she's busy with her business. One finished her tasks and passed our class. We rarely met the others again, due to the higher frequency of "skipping class"

It becomes less fun, truthfully :)
Well, I do finished my drawings, but never collected my designs to the teacher. Shall I collected it, I could get a certificate. But I didn't. So, that's the story how come I never finish.

Anyway this is one of my drawing in "creating fabric's pattern" design task.

Any thought?

Btw, in the next 3 days I will go backpacking :D hope everything goes well, good weather, good health, and good amount of money *hahah!!*
So I will neglect my blog again... huaaa

C u soon bloggie, with my trip's photos.... inshaAllah :)

Rabu, 14 Maret 2012

Poster Design: Styling Rally

My newest poster design for Hijabee's Styling Rally :D
Uhm.. I used the image of Hana Tajima & Yuna Zarai for those 'figurins'
If anyone of you are interested with the event, do visit this site ;) Will be lots of fun!

BTW I've been at Jakarta for 4 days (and last week i was at Bandung). For the journey to find "fabrics" for wedding. Hahahahaa... Part of work, actually :p
And sadly, no pictures to show here...

Senin, 05 Maret 2012

Hijab Street Style with Dian Pelangi

Heheheee I have some photos from November 2011 which are not published yet :p

On the preparation of Hijabee Sparkling Sunday event, Hijabee's committee had a chance to meet Dian Pelangi, the rising star-Indonesia's young designer. She was on a road trip to Surabaya.

Also, Dian pelangi was on her project to make "hijab street style", so she took pictures of all the committee one by one. I don't know, maybe you'll see some of us in her book when it's published? :p *it's a maybe!*

Then I felt guilty that after the photo session, one by one asked to take picture with Dian Pelangi. Oh poor her, we treated her like a trophy... She must be tired. But she's a super nice & sweet person, she did always smile & looked happy all the time!
Alhamdulillaah, so much fun that day!

*no dresscode, we were just being ourselves*