Rabu, 08 Februari 2012

Blacky in a Purple Party

Seems lately there were sooo many many many wedding invitations from my friends!
Hahaha maybe this year's gonna be lots of wedding, coz if it is calculated, me & my friends' ages are around 23-26 years old. Purrrfect to get married :P hahahh

Last Sunday night I came to Raisha's wedding reception. I was excited coz I knew there would be some of my old friends.
With highschool friends ^o^
Up: Innes (also bride wannabe this week), me, Bunga, Tika & Icha
Bottom: Bunga, Icha, Raisha (the bride), Adi (the groom), Tika, Innes, me.

What I wore (the preparation took 30 minutes--include: taking a bath, searching for clothes, and wearing the hijab haha!)
My mom's tunic (all my clothes were not ironed -_-")
denim (okay I'm not supposed to wear denim to a party, am I??)
glittered pashmina
wedges by tavi

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  1. biar buru2 tetap cantik <3
    nikahannya juga bagus ya dekornya

  2. SONOKEMBANG is the best deh

  3. mbak tiaa..ini acaranya di graha ITS bukan? *bride-to-be cari info :p


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