Minggu, 05 Februari 2012

Scrapbooking Time

Remember my post about Hijabee Sparkling Sunday? There were 3 famous speakers (Mrs. Aurelia the personality coach, Mrs. Dian Pelangi & Mrs. Lulu the fashion entrepreneur), and we needed a memorable gift for them! "Plakat" (a kind of trophy/souvenir) was too cliche, so we decided to create a scrapbook for each of them.
At a meeting, I brought all the supplies and asked help from the other committee. Hahaha they're sooo helpful!! We're having fun doing the creative stuffs (while on the other side of the meeting, they were too serious :p)
With mb. Anna (blue veil), Chika (red veil), Pypynk (pink veil) and Hafni (light blue veil & polkadot shirt)
Read more for Tips for creating low budget scrapbook!

 Well, after the meeting (and crafting) we took photos in some crazy poses. Intan (girl in red scarf) won!! Look at her ridiculous pose =)))) hahahahah 

Tips for creating a low budget scrapbook:
Instead of buying all the stuffs in Scrapbook Store, you can:
  • Print photos, cliparts, and ornamental pictures in an A3 doff paper (in digital printing, it costs only Rp 8000 to Rp 15.000 and it's good in quality!). Ornamental stuffs in Scrapbook Stores can cost you up to Rp 100.000. And scrapbook paper were Rp 15.000 - 20.000. Wewww...
  • Instead of using 3D foam tape (around Rp 30.000 - Rp 60.000) to add dimension, you can buy 2 mm foams, cut it in squares, and put UHU glue / add double tape (easily found at Gramedia / bookstores). 
  • Scrapbook frames (that has depth to put papers) can costs up to Rp 200.000. We used Gift boxes (from card board) found at Gramedia and it's only Rp 20.000 - 30.000
Ahhh I don't have the picture of the finished scrapbook, heheh. But here's a pict featuring the scrapbook:

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  1. Pengen belajar scrapbooking ... :(

    anyway, itu vira yang kemaren ya ? cantiknya tuh perempuan, hehehe

  2. cantik dan lucu semuanyaaaa :D

  3. lucu kak bukunya,,klo ke jkt,ktemuan yaa trus ajarin


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