Selasa, 28 Februari 2012

Miss Pinkish

Last week I wore pink dress and suddenly half of my office told me I'm beautiful *wahahahahahahahhh*
(Lately I've been too lazy to dress up so when I wear cute outfit, everyone notice)

From now on I've decided to wear good clothes everyday, coz it can boost the good moods.
I've decided to minimize the number of clothes in my closet and keep only the ones which makes me happy.
Uhm, by deciding to wear good clothes, it doesn't mean not to wear the same clothes twice or more. But it's kind of choosing quality over quantity. Keep only the pieces you love the most. Give away clothes that leads you to the bad moods (whether it actually doesn't fit you, or unflatter your body, or too tight or too sexy?)
So, by the end of this month, I guess a big pile from my closet will go out. Leaving some empty space. So that I can breathe more freely.
I've decided to live in a simple way of life.
This pink dress, keep it or leave it?
Hmmm... keep it..

Been reading and it made me re-think about owning things :)
Visit the site to know more about minimalist way of life.
Live freely!!! Yaayyy!!!

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