Sabtu, 04 Februari 2012

Inspiration From Japanese Book

I love Japanese craft's book! Here are some scanned images from a book I borrowed (thanks tante Andri!).
Aaaah lovelyyy *_*
Oversized tunic. It hides our body shape, yet it looks cute too! (Or is it because the model's already beautiful? Haha)

Wrapped skirt. I LOVE the navy blue skirt! But I guess it's not suitable for pear shaped body like me :p

Fabric Quilting. Those quilts are so neat & creativeeee... I want em alll *_*

Aaaaa.... Do you like them too?
In my opinion, crafts in Japanese' books are never dull & never "norak". Every crafter has the soul to deliver perfection, from the best materials to the neat technique... We should do the same, shouldn't we? *I mean, passion for perfection*