Rabu, 29 Februari 2012

Ika's Wedding (and college reunion)

Attended my best friend's wedding on February 12... 
Sooo happyyyy to meet my good old friends!!
Eating es  puter, having a good chit chats (just like we did at college)... T___T aaahhh miss those moments!!

Taking picture with all guests from Industrial Engineering 2005 :D Whoaaa there were plenty of us!!
Taking picture with DK family. Some of our friend called us: "ibu-ibu PKK" hahahahaa

And don't forget to capture the happy faces! :D SMIILEEEEEE!!!

For me, it kinda hurt me in a sweet way remembering my college. To have a good friends like my friends, to have so many precious moments, aaahhh I know things will never be the same again... We've stepped in our own lives (and futures)... This will never happen again: "kumpul angkatan" or doing tasks in lab, or hunting discounted KFC at 3 to 5 PM. Miss you all guys!

BTW, check my February posts... Today is the last day of my giveaway!