Senin, 20 Februari 2012

Surprise!! February Giveaway

UPDATE March 2, 2011!! CONGRATULATION FOR PIPIN @pipinkuin for winning!! Sent you an email :D

Salaam ^0^
For handmade stuff lovers, here's a cute embroidered necklace sponsored by Good Old Days. Ready to be shipped at YOUR HOUSE!! :D
Buuuut, this giveaway is open for INDONESIAN residence only ;)

Just perrrrrfect for vintage-girl! 

Syarat buat dapetin kalungnya:
1. Like page FB: Good Old Days (dapat 3 poin undian heheheh)

Untuk extra entries (masing-masing 1 poin):
2. Post di blog atau tweet tentang giveaway-nya 

Bagi yang udah memenuhi syarat-syaratnya, plis tulis KOMEN yaaa DISERTAI ALAMAT EMAILMU...
ONE (1) lucky winner will be picked randomly on February 29. Good luck! :*

Minggu, 05 Februari 2012

Scrapbooking Time

Remember my post about Hijabee Sparkling Sunday? There were 3 famous speakers (Mrs. Aurelia the personality coach, Mrs. Dian Pelangi & Mrs. Lulu the fashion entrepreneur), and we needed a memorable gift for them! "Plakat" (a kind of trophy/souvenir) was too cliche, so we decided to create a scrapbook for each of them.
At a meeting, I brought all the supplies and asked help from the other committee. Hahaha they're sooo helpful!! We're having fun doing the creative stuffs (while on the other side of the meeting, they were too serious :p)
With mb. Anna (blue veil), Chika (red veil), Pypynk (pink veil) and Hafni (light blue veil & polkadot shirt)
Read more for Tips for creating low budget scrapbook!

Jumat, 03 Februari 2012

Fun Site Review: Pictriev

Hahaha just found this site from Photoscape's application (there's a link to Pictriev)
Pictriev will find some faces similar to you, whether it's on the net, or celebrity look-alike :p

Just try it, it's fun (& shocking -___-" they said my face was 91% boy)..
Hihihi why did Pictriev refers my face to Korean's? Do I look like Korean girl? Xixixixixi

PS: Thanks to Rania, Mirza, & Putri for the correction :p Yeayyy I'm 91% girl!! Hahahahahh