Rabu, 29 Februari 2012

Ika's Wedding (and college reunion)

Attended my best friend's wedding on February 12... 
Sooo happyyyy to meet my good old friends!!
Eating es  puter, having a good chit chats (just like we did at college)... T___T aaahhh miss those moments!!

Taking picture with all guests from Industrial Engineering 2005 :D Whoaaa there were plenty of us!!
Taking picture with DK family. Some of our friend called us: "ibu-ibu PKK" hahahahaa

And don't forget to capture the happy faces! :D SMIILEEEEEE!!!

For me, it kinda hurt me in a sweet way remembering my college. To have a good friends like my friends, to have so many precious moments, aaahhh I know things will never be the same again... We've stepped in our own lives (and futures)... This will never happen again: "kumpul angkatan" or doing tasks in lab, or hunting discounted KFC at 3 to 5 PM. Miss you all guys!

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Selasa, 28 Februari 2012

Miss Pinkish

Last week I wore pink dress and suddenly half of my office told me I'm beautiful *wahahahahahahahhh*
(Lately I've been too lazy to dress up so when I wear cute outfit, everyone notice)

From now on I've decided to wear good clothes everyday, coz it can boost the good moods.
I've decided to minimize the number of clothes in my closet and keep only the ones which makes me happy.
Uhm, by deciding to wear good clothes, it doesn't mean not to wear the same clothes twice or more. But it's kind of choosing quality over quantity. Keep only the pieces you love the most. Give away clothes that leads you to the bad moods (whether it actually doesn't fit you, or unflatter your body, or too tight or too sexy?)
So, by the end of this month, I guess a big pile from my closet will go out. Leaving some empty space. So that I can breathe more freely.
I've decided to live in a simple way of life.
This pink dress, keep it or leave it?
Hmmm... keep it..

Been reading http://www.becomingminimalist.com/ and it made me re-think about owning things :)
Visit the site to know more about minimalist way of life.
Live freely!!! Yaayyy!!!

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Senin, 27 Februari 2012

Bluish Bees

Assalamu'alaikum... long time no blog :p
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On February 4, my community (Hijabee) was chosen as participant in a local TV quiz. Thirty people involved from my community, wearing blue color.
This was what I wear:
Navy blue dress: cotton ink, blue cardigan: esprit - thrifted, belt: cerychan, scarf: unbranded

I didn't take part in the quiz, just gave them support & captured some photos :D
The quiz was 'heboh' but I didn't notice much coz I was busy capturing photos & live twitting :p
Hijabee was the most colorful participant!
Won the second place!! We all get money (which I used immediately to pay my taxi home hahahaha)

If you wanna read the story of the quiz, please visit Hijabee's blog here (written in Indonesia) ;D

Senin, 20 Februari 2012

Surprise!! February Giveaway

UPDATE March 2, 2011!! CONGRATULATION FOR PIPIN @pipinkuin for winning!! Sent you an email :D

Salaam ^0^
For handmade stuff lovers, here's a cute embroidered necklace sponsored by Good Old Days. Ready to be shipped at YOUR HOUSE!! :D
Buuuut, this giveaway is open for INDONESIAN residence only ;)

Just perrrrrfect for vintage-girl! 

Syarat buat dapetin kalungnya:
1. Like page FB: Good Old Days (dapat 3 poin undian heheheh)

Untuk extra entries (masing-masing 1 poin):
2. Post di blog atau tweet tentang giveaway-nya 

Bagi yang udah memenuhi syarat-syaratnya, plis tulis KOMEN yaaa DISERTAI ALAMAT EMAILMU...
ONE (1) lucky winner will be picked randomly on February 29. Good luck! :*

Rabu, 08 Februari 2012

Blacky in a Purple Party

Seems lately there were sooo many many many wedding invitations from my friends!
Hahaha maybe this year's gonna be lots of wedding, coz if it is calculated, me & my friends' ages are around 23-26 years old. Purrrfect to get married :P hahahh

Last Sunday night I came to Raisha's wedding reception. I was excited coz I knew there would be some of my old friends.
With highschool friends ^o^
Up: Innes (also bride wannabe this week), me, Bunga, Tika & Icha
Bottom: Bunga, Icha, Raisha (the bride), Adi (the groom), Tika, Innes, me.

What I wore (the preparation took 30 minutes--include: taking a bath, searching for clothes, and wearing the hijab haha!)
My mom's tunic (all my clothes were not ironed -_-")
denim (okay I'm not supposed to wear denim to a party, am I??)
glittered pashmina
wedges by tavi

Senin, 06 Februari 2012

Honey, Caramel, and Chocolate

Attending my friend's wedding and didn't know what to wear. And I wear the clothes I made for a fashion show (here & here) hahahaha... Since I gain some weight, the dress (almost) didn't fit my body :p A little bit tight at waist, but by holding breath, it fits well hahahaa *tahan napas*
dress & bolero: made by me
With high school friends at Putu's wedding. Thanks Innes for the photos! ^__^

By the way, the food that day was served by Sonokembang Catering, hihihihi
*eating tom yum soup, bakso, and caramel pudding :9*

Minggu, 05 Februari 2012

Scrapbooking Time

Remember my post about Hijabee Sparkling Sunday? There were 3 famous speakers (Mrs. Aurelia the personality coach, Mrs. Dian Pelangi & Mrs. Lulu the fashion entrepreneur), and we needed a memorable gift for them! "Plakat" (a kind of trophy/souvenir) was too cliche, so we decided to create a scrapbook for each of them.
At a meeting, I brought all the supplies and asked help from the other committee. Hahaha they're sooo helpful!! We're having fun doing the creative stuffs (while on the other side of the meeting, they were too serious :p)
With mb. Anna (blue veil), Chika (red veil), Pypynk (pink veil) and Hafni (light blue veil & polkadot shirt)
Read more for Tips for creating low budget scrapbook!

Sabtu, 04 Februari 2012

Inspiration From Japanese Book

I love Japanese craft's book! Here are some scanned images from a book I borrowed (thanks tante Andri!).
Aaaah lovelyyy *_*
Oversized tunic. It hides our body shape, yet it looks cute too! (Or is it because the model's already beautiful? Haha)

Wrapped skirt. I LOVE the navy blue skirt! But I guess it's not suitable for pear shaped body like me :p

Fabric Quilting. Those quilts are so neat & creativeeee... I want em alll *_*

Aaaaa.... Do you like them too?
In my opinion, crafts in Japanese' books are never dull & never "norak". Every crafter has the soul to deliver perfection, from the best materials to the neat technique... We should do the same, shouldn't we? *I mean, passion for perfection*

Jumat, 03 Februari 2012

Fun Site Review: Pictriev

Hahaha just found this site from Photoscape's application (there's a link to Pictriev)
Pictriev will find some faces similar to you, whether it's on the net, or celebrity look-alike :p

Just try it, it's fun (& shocking -___-" they said my face was 91% boy)..
Hihihi why did Pictriev refers my face to Korean's? Do I look like Korean girl? Xixixixixi

PS: Thanks to Rania, Mirza, & Putri for the correction :p Yeayyy I'm 91% girl!! Hahahahahh