Rabu, 12 Desember 2012

Backpackmoon Day 2: HK Disneyland

Haaaiiii... This is the second post of honeymoon backpacking :p

On Thursday we decided to go to Disneyland Hong Kong. We thought Thursday was the right time, coz it's not weekend yet, so we assumed the theme park wouldn't be too crowded. We took MTR to Tung Chung/Disneyland Resort Line, and arrived at Disneyland at 10 am. It's the opening time, yayy!! Just in time :D

Disneyland Resort Line MTR was designated in Disneyish cuties... Made us happy! :D

By the way, ticket was quite expensive. For one-day Ticket, you must pay HKD 399... it's about Rp 500.000. But for the Disney experience (well, I was a BIG FAN of Disney movies!!) we'd pay for it! We chose HK Disneyland over HK Ocean Park (some travel websites would advise young adult to go to Ocean Park, as it offers education & thrilling theme park -- while Disneyland is suitable for kids).

Tadaaa! The famous Sleeping Beauty's castle! Finally we have our own photo in front of it!! Kyaaaa!!!!

There were many many many tourists & most of them wearing cute outfits while I was not =__=
Well, nothing much can be packed inside a backpack right? :P

Some Japanese tourists asked my hubby to take their picture

So many photo spots, yay!!! Lucky us, we brought a tripod :p

And also, many souvenir shops selling cute stuffs (VERY expensive). Let's try some silly hair accessories!

Oh yeah, don't forget to watch Disney magical philharmonic (duh, I forgot the show's name!) It's scheduled a few times a day, make sure you don't miss it! The show was magical! It's like a cabaret, with live dancing & singing of Disney songs. I could sing most of the songs hahahaha (in my childhood I bought Disney sound track cassettes & memorize the song :)))))

We also visited a castle of doll... At first I was lazy to go inside (I thought, maybe I'll be bored inside). But then I saw the doll was cuuuteeeeee...... I became a little girl again ^o^
Cute dolls from all around the world & around Disney scenes...

We also took an adventurous boat along wild river with (robotic) wild animals. Nice adventure! 
They're robot, can you believe it??? Or were they real??

I was reaaalllly tired at that point. Tired tired tired (remember the journey before this backpackmoon?) I walked slowly & wanted to sleep anywhere I could sit. Thanks hubby for understanding my tiredness :p

I slept during this Lion King cabaret =__= Actually it's a wonderful show, it's just me being so tired.

Then we rode roller coaster of Grizzly Gulch...
One of the most fun & thrilling ride! Yihaaaaa!!

It started to rain when we arrived at Toy Story Land...
Not much thing to play at TSL, and I don't want to ride the "kora-kora" thing. *coward*

Well, actually Disney's attractions are designed for young kids. Just a few ride for "screaming" thing, ex: Grizzly Gulch roller coaster (not too scary) and one in Toy Story Land (didn't try). So if you want to raise your adrenaline, Disneyland is not for you.

But I have some favorite attractions:
1. Buzz Lightyear ride
2. Winnie the Pooh's cute ride
3. Grizzly Gulch ride
4. Disney Philharmonic blabla
*I'll correct the name of the attractions once I open Disneyland's website, okay

It's 10 minutes before Disney attraction's closing time (6 pm) when we got back to Sleeping Beauty Castle. The castle closes at 6 pm to prepare the spectacular firework. Spent some minutes buying souvenirs and by the time we're finished from the souvenir shop, people was soooo crowded waiting for the firework!

Minutes before the spectacular Disney firework. Crowded!!
And we saw the beautifullll attraction :)
Happily ever after!!!!

Some lessons I gained from Disneyland HK:
  • It's okay to wear fashionable clothes, as most of the attractions sell cuteness, not adrenaline. It's also acceptable to wear long skirt (I saw a fashionable woman wearing long tutu skirt & high heels =_=) but wear legging please || If you wanna go to Universal Studio Singapore, you MUST wear pants
  • Wear cotton. So hot there!!!!!
  • Do not buy any photos of you in some attractions (example: at Winnie the Pooh's ride, a machine took our photo, and the price was $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$)
  • Canned biscuits at souvenir shop is cuuuteeee but expensive too. And the can contains the smallest cookies I've ever seen. Blah. Too expensive for that amount of money (except if you wanna collect the vintage tin).
  • Finish all the attractions before 6 pm
  • No need to take pictures with Disney characters if you wanna rush finishing all the attractions
  • Better you learn about Disney characters before going there, it will add more fun heheheheh
See you on the next day's story!

Photos: mostly by my hubby & his tripod :p

Rabu, 29 Agustus 2012

Ramadhan Giveaway Winner

Assalamu'alaikum :D Sorry for waiting so long.. This Ramadhan giveaway turns out to be "Syawal Giveaway" hehehehe =__=

Congratulation for these names, you'll get:

1. Quinsha's Gamis:
Dina Rosita: http://dinarosita.blogspot.com/2012/08/ramadhan-with-quinsha-batik.html

2. Quinsha's Shawl:
Ririsuchan: http://ririsuchan.blogspot.com/2012/08/become-queen-purple-with-quinsha.html
Ayurosadha: http://remaja-belia.blogspot.com/2012/08/ramadhan-giveaway-by-quinsha-batik.html

3. Quinsha's Voucher:
Nina Zee: http://ninazee.blogspot.com/2012/08/ramadhan-giveaway-by-quinshabatik.html
Minimazee: http://minimazee.blogspot.com/2012/08/baju-menyusui.html

You'll get an email from me soon... Please reply ya ;)

PS: since there is some Mailer daemon issue, for anyone written above who hasn't received any emails from me, do mail me at: tiananda_w@ yahoo(dot)com

Senin, 20 Agustus 2012

DIY Fancy Pen for Wedding Guest Book

Assalamu'alaikum... Ied Mubarok, readers!!

A very simple DIY holiday project as the preparation for the-day.. :D
(if you wanna see the Indonesian-version, check my other blog post)

Marker (pen), ribbon, fabric corsages, feather, glue gun

Glue a piece of feather, and wrap ribbon to the pen. Then glue the fabric corsages!

Hehehe very berry simple. I also add some beads to sparkle the look.

Tips if you want to add a ribbon bow, while tying a ribbon might result in no-neat bow.
1. Tying ribbon in usual way might be not neat.
2. Try this step (just like if you wanna tie a bow).
3. Instead of twirling the ribbon, just tie with thread.
4. Add a smaller ribbon to cover the thread.

Hope it helps :)
Or, you can use 2 ribbon for neater bow (ahh hard to explain in words =__=)

Sabtu, 18 Agustus 2012

DIY Projects To Do

Well, it's been years since my last DIY Projects and in case you're wondering, "Wasn't your blog a 'craft;' blog?", well, I don't know.. i lost my appetite to create something >,<

But heyyy I found some GREAAAT websites about DIY project and I surely wanna try this!!!

*___* cute floweerrrsss

Hehehee they're done in some simple steps! 
Actually I've already bought a plain flip flops but haven't do the DIY thingy...

Will update when I've made mine!

BTW, have you joined Ramadan Giveaway? You still have some chance :D

Senin, 13 Agustus 2012

Ramadan Giveaway

UPDATE 17/08/2012: Kontes Giveaway diperpanjang hingga 20 Agustus yaaa :)

Assalamu'alaikum Ladieeees (and Gentleman)... It's time for Giveaway! --> Yup, laki juga boleh ikut!

-Indonesia mode: ON-
Bentar lagi Lebaraaan... Mari kita adakan: Giveaway! Horeeee...
Giveaway kali ini disponsori Quinsha Batik!

Hadiahnya: gamis untuk 1 pemenang cewek, hem untuk 1 pemenang cowok, shawl untuk 2 pemenang cewek, dan voucher diskon untuk 2 pemenang lagi. Yup! Iyaa cowok boleh ikutan!
(+ 2 poin) tuliskan di BLOG tentang produk Quinsha yang paling kamu suka, sertakan gambar* yaaa
(+ 1 poin) TWITPIC & ceritakan tentang produk Quinsha yang paling disuka, mention @tianandaw & @Quinshabatik yaaa...

*Gambar baju Quinsha-nya bisa diambil dari web Quinsha atau baju Quinsha yang kamu punya.

Yang ikutan, tulis komen + alamat email yaaa :D heheheh
Tulisan yang paling menarik yang menang! Keputusan juri ga bisa diganggu gugat #halah

Tulisannya ditunggu sampe 16 Agustus 2012* 20 Agustus 2012 tengah malam yaaa
* karena ownernya Quinsha masih persiapan Lebaran, belum sempat pilih-pilih pemenang


Hehehe nih contoh bajunya waktu dipake 'jalan-jalan' di Kuala Lumpur... Kalo mau ikutan giveaway, model baju selengkapnya liat di webnya Quinsha aja yaa :p
Yang tengah: owner Quinsha. yang kiri & kanan: penggembira

Jumat, 10 Agustus 2012

Design: Colorful Coat

Winter coat usually dominated by dark colors. What if we create colorful coat?
Bright blue, orange, and rounded batik patches.

*Picture was drawn in 2011 for Arva's illustration task*

Source of Tree picture: here

Minggu, 05 Agustus 2012

Love Etsy?

Do you know Etsy? Emma Brown from MBAonline shared me this inspiring picture, and maybe you'll get inspired too :)
Etsy MBA
Created by: www.MBAOnline.com

Jumat, 03 Agustus 2012

I'm Back with Giveaway Winner!

Finally I'm back!! I'm still alive! ^^ Sorryyy for leaving this blog, it's been a month since my last post. I've been busy with 'sort of things' and had no energy to write a post here.

And what kind of blogger am I, leaving a giveaway without answer??

Okay. To be truth, I was shocked because there were many bloggers joining the Traveling Giveaway. And there were many many many beautiful travel storiiieees... The great stories itself is not fair compared to the humble gift I would like to give T_T *cheapo gift*

But a decision should be made, I should pick ONE winner. Which one???
To make it easier, Quinsha Batik gave me some vouchers, so I can pick extra winners \(^o^)/

And the winner of Traveling Giveaway is...
DELA!! Because she shared her honeymoon story! Heheheheh.. I was looking for some inspirations about honeymoon trip (and maybe some backpackings, too).
If you'd like to read Dela's travel experience to Lombok, please click here:
Lombok day 1, day 2, day 3, finale
Dela will get gimmicks from some places I've visited, and a voucher from Quinsha Batik.

Theeen, the next winners who will get Quinsha's voucher are:
HeyNila! who went to Bromo
Feni Fenchan who went to Malaysia

I'll email you soon, ya :)

Thank you for all readers who joined the Traveling Giveaway... Please click the link (and read "comment") if you'd like to read the stories they shared. May your experience inspires others! ;)

Rabu, 20 Juni 2012

Poster Designs & Upcoming Events

Designed some posters for Hijabee Surabaya:

Yes, that 3 posters were made by me ^__^
and yes, I'll be a guest speaker too at the first poster hahaha =__=" wish me luck...

PS: Have you joined the Traveling Giveaway? The Giveaway will be closed on Sunday June 24 :)

Minggu, 17 Juni 2012

Traveling Giveaway

UPDATE 26/6/2012: GIVEAWAY CLOSED. Please wait for the winner :p

Assalamu'alaikum ^^

Okay, I have some gimmicks from some places I visited in the last few months. We'll have some fun!! :D

One package, containing chocolatier (Malaysia), key chain (Singapore), a mini-pouch (Thailand), mini-Bali Soap (Bali), two sachets of Bandrek (Bandung), and maybe more things, will be given to one lucky Travel-Lover.

To Join The Giveaway?
Please leave comment with your email address and write your Most-Memorable Traveling Experience include details such as: Where, What To Do There (Point of interest in that city/country), How Much is the entrance fee of the attraction (if there is any), and is it traveling for friends/family/couple? If you had already written your travel-experience at your personal blog, please give the link, too.
We LOVE to share, don't we? And your review could help us-travel-lover too to find our next traveling destination :D

PS: for Indonesian residence only

Sabtu, 09 Juni 2012

The Ubercool Cinemagraphs

Just found out about Cinemagraphs,
A Cinemagraph is an image that contains within itself a living moment that allows a glimpse of time to be experienced and preserved endlessly. 
Or simply said, a .gif picture which is a little bit animated.

Before I saw the pictures, I underestimate. I thought, how great a .gif file can be?
But theeeen, look at this pictures!! Makes me go WOWWW :D

The pictures are moving!! Reminds me of Harry Potter's newspaper :)
If you wanna see more Cinemagraphs, visit this site.

Sabtu, 26 Mei 2012

DIY Lace Vase

A very simple DIY idea for home decor, done in less than 2 minutes!
Plastic flowers, glass, lace, pin/glue, beads/plastic crystal

Pin the lace (or simply glue it)


Sabtu, 19 Mei 2012

Freebies: Doa Sehari-hari #1

UPDATE 05 Dec, I correct "Doa Berpakaian" as there were one word mistake :(
Please for anyone who has downloaded the older version of Doa Berpakaian, print again the correct one.

I made 2 "printable stickers" that you may want to print for yourself :)
Stick it to your mirror and your wardrobe. Enjoy! Click to enlarge, then right click to save the picture.

Doa Bercermin

doa bercermin

Doa Berpakaian

doa berpakaian

*recommended print size: 12 x 8 cm*

Kamis, 17 Mei 2012

Universal Studio Singapore

Just wanna post some photos (so that I can smile again and again each time I open my blog ;p hihii)
A wonderful experience visiting Universal Studio Singapore (USS) with family!!

Candilicious store outside the USS. Pleasure for eye & throat (yummy!)

What I wore: comfy sleeveless blouse + cardi + aladin pants + rubber shoes

Brother with silly pose inside USS. It's a cute antique car selling popcorn!

Regularly, Universal's character will come out, take a walk & have some times to take pictures with people. But only for a limited time! Too bad we couldn't take picture with this cute Po (Kungfu Panda) coz he should go backstage. Aaaargghh so cuteeee >o<

Meet her: Ratu Ngebor :p

New York, New York.... "Where will we go next?"
"Let's ride those attraction!"

"This roller coaster?? Okay..."
So, me and my brother rode this thrilling roller coaster :D I only screamed a little, hehehe..

Then, Far Far Away... The land of fairy tales & princesses....

So lucky, we met Puss in Boots! Picture please!! Smile! :D
(Mom was so happy having a picture with him. But in real world mom didn't like cat =__=" heheheh)

Let's try some silly hats!! Which one do you like??
Gift store provides cute stuff from Universal Studio's characters.
 It's already 6 PM, all the attractions were closed, and it's time to say good bye to this wonderful place, where dreams came true :')

On our way back to hotel, inside MRT...
"D, later, would you accompany me to Singapore again? You have known the transportation mode, right?" said Mom to my bro.
"Sure, it's okay..." D answered.
"Yeah, cos mbak T (me) will get married and live away from us..." said Mom again.

(this holiday is sort of "the last holiday for the four of us". Later, I'll leave home as I'm getting married. But I hope there'll be another family trip, with an addition: my husband. Aamiin)