Selasa, 20 September 2011

Giveaway! Do you love freebies? :D

Assalamu'alaikum.. Hiiiiii everyoooneeee... Halo semuaaaa :D
This time, I'm holding a GIVEAWAYYY!!! Yayyy!! Who doesn't love giveaway? ;D

But sorryyy, this giveaway is open for those who lives at Indonesia only ^^
Hence, I'll use Bahasa Indonesia for this post.... starting from... NOW!

Hadiahnya bisa dipilih tergantung mana yang disuka:

  • Blooming tea dari Tealovero untuk 2 pemenang
  • Kalung etnik untuk 1 pemenang
  • Dream Aromatic Pillow dari Pourvous untuk 2 pemenang 
  • Cardigan dari Vannara untuk 1 pemenang
Totalnya ada 6 hadiah. Berarti bakal ada 6 pemenang, ya :D

Cara ikutannya? --> baca baik-baik ya B-)
  1. Pilih hadiah yang diinginkan (boleh lebih dari satu)
  2. Join socmed SPONSOR: untuk Tealovero: add FB-nya | untuk Pourvous: follow @mypourvous & Like Pourvous.Bodycare | untuk Vannara: Like fanpagenya. Follow blog tealovecoffee ga wajib kok, tapi dianjurkan (hahaha)
  3. Tulis di kolom komentar: 
  • hadiah apa yang kamu inginkan
  • bahwa kamu udah join socmed sponsor (sebutkan akunmu juga ya untuk ngecek ;D)
  • khusus hadiah dari TealoveroPourvous dan Vannara: produk apa yang paling kamu sukai dari web-nya sponsor? (silakan ke webnya mereka untuk pilih2 apa yang kamu suka ya)
  • alamat emailmu (untuk dihubungi kalau menang)
  • kalau ikut menyebarkan giveaway ini via twitter atau via blog (untuk dapat tambahan poin)
Contoh komentar: 
Tia: "Saya pilih hadiah dari Toko ABC, sudah follow twitternya ABC dari akun saya @tianandaw. Udah follow blog ini juga lho. Kalo dari webnya ABC, paling suka kecapnya soalnya paling murah.
Juga hadiah dari XYZ. Udah di-like dari akun Tiananda. Paling suka produk anu karena blablabla.
Semoga menang :D | tiananda_w(at)yahoo(dot)com"

Ketentuan lainnya:
  • Diharapkan 1 orang nulisnya di 1 komentar aja ya supaya gampang rekapnya :)
  • Pemenang akan dipilih secara acak tanggal 5 Oktober 2011 
  • Satu pemenang hanya bisa mendapatkan satu produk
  • Pemenang akan dihubungi dari alamat email yang dicantumkan
Ada yang kurang jelas? Good luck ya! :D

Rabu, 14 September 2011

DIY: Harem Pants

Do you like harem pants? I don't know, haven't got the chance to wear harem pants without making my hips looked wider than ever :p
However, last week I spent 3 hours thinking and creating my own batik harem pants. Wanna know how? See this pic :)
PS: sorry for the blurry images. Taken by my 2MP cell phone.

Well, just draw the pattern on your fabric: make sure it's wide (mine was maybe 2x wider than my usual pants)
The pattern was the same, front & back
Sew the sides
Crumple the waist, sew to make pleats
Leave the waist it wide enough so you can wear it & pin it to secure
(You could just add elastic band or zipper, but I was too lazy to do that -__-*)

I know, if any of you understand how to make pattern, my pattern was too simple and not good hahahaha
Wait for the next few days, I will wear this pants :p
PS: see this post, I used the pants! :D

Senin, 05 September 2011

Featured: She Radio Website

Assalamu'alaikum, friends!!
On Friday I was called by She Radio FM to tell the audience (ON AIR!!) about my latest holiday (mudik) and blogging activity. That was a freaking 3 minutes of speaking, hehehhee *I had a sort of phobia to show up in front of people*
And guess what? They featured my interview on their website!! Aw aw awww >o< *hiding inside wardrobe*
Despite of those "lebay" choices of words in the title (c'mon, I'm not extraordinary >__<), and a grammatical mistake at "be informed and origins" (maybe it should be: share useful information and be original), alhamdulillaah I feel so happy to be given a chance being featured hehehe.
Thanks to She Radio 99.6 FM Surabaya! :D
I hope those tips are useful, too :)

Kamis, 01 September 2011

Eid Mubarak! Journey to Bogor :D

Assalamu'alaikum, Selamat Idul Fitri ^^
Please forgive me shall I did many many mistakes to you all, readers...

I celebrated Eid mubarak at August 31, how 'bout you? :D
After doing eid prayer yesterday at Cimahi, me and family + my grandma went to Bogor!!!
At Bogor, lived my grandma's older brother. Buuuut, before we visited him, we did: Culinary journey! Hehehehehe

I had lived at Bogor for about 4 years when I was a child, and going to Bogor reminded me of the past :')
Aaahhh I love the foods there, especially Kue Ape and gorengan sold by emang-emang (young man) around the houses.

Well, the first place we visited yesterday was: Bogor Permai. Actually it's a restaurant combined with minimarket & selling traditional cakes too. But we didn't get into the restaurant :P It's the street's food that we missed. Usually, there were tukang Batagor, Es Sekoteng, Soto Mie, and Toge Goreng. But since yesterday was Eid day, many were closed >__<
We ate Toge Goreng (opens yesterday). As we remembered, it was the bestest Toge goreng ever! I've been wanting it for 2 years (the last time I ate it was 3 yrs ago). But I don't know, it tasted different and not as good as I knew. But still, compared to other toge goreng at some resto, it's the best :)
Theeeen got in Bogor Permai's minimarket and bought.... Kranggae Binggrae Ice Cream :P Hehehehe, yeah it's not Bogor's thing but I've been curious to taste those Korean ice cream, the fish-shaped ice cream! Cute XD It's vanilla ice cream with red bean paste covered by fish-shaped wafer :d hmmm want it more!

Toge goreng, Kedai Kita, Klappertaart and Pia Apple pie. My outfit: Ribbony blouse. Worn that since eid prayer :D
And we went to Jl. Pangrango. Aaaaaahhh actually, there were Kedai Kita cafe, selling the yummmieesstt grilled pizza! It's grilled inside firewood stove, and it smelled deliciosoooo.. But the cafe was closed >_<
Across the cafe, was the famous Bogor's gift: Pia Apple Pie. Cute small store, look at my narcissistic photos :P heheheh. Bougt the apple pie with my brother.
Aaand, beside Pia Apple Pie, was a Klappertaart store. Nice taste too but I ran out of those Klappeertart due to the crowded store -___-"

Hehehhe that's my culinary story :D byebyeeeee
*blogging from my grandma's house*

Pictures were taken from my blekberih and edited with photoscape. luv u Photoscape :*