Rabu, 21 Desember 2011

Once Upon A December

Whoaaa, December almost end, and I was blogless! (no blog post | speechless)

Too many GREAT NEWS were unwritten, and I was busy doing all little things. I forgot my blog a while :)
So... Dear blog, here I summarized some of my activities this month.

December 3: Rehearsal of Hijabee Sparkling Sunday event

December 4: Hijabee Sparkling Sunday, with Dian Pelangi & Lulu el Hasbu as guest star. There were fashion shows, personality talk show, fashion business tips & hijab tips.
I also got a chance to show 1 of my design!!! Alhamdulillaah :)
*more photos coming soon*

December 5 - 10: Got busy with mom, preparing something.

December 11: I was being proposed :) alhamdulillaah (well, basically it's not an engagement since we didn't exchange ring etc etc... just a commitment to take a path to wedding, insya Allah). I do!!
*more photos coming soon*

December 12: Had lunch at X.O. Suki with mom, dad, and grandma. At afternoon I accompanied Grandma to go home at Bandung by train. I love train-trip! More convenient than airplane heheheh

December 13: Met my dad's junior high school friend in Bandung, tante Joy. She owned a garment business and usually she joined exhibitions in Jakarta & Malaysia & other city (my aunties were her loyal customer, and 2 weeks ago, they revealed that tante Joy was my dad's friend). Had a nice chat, really motivated me to run my own business. She also took me to shopping places & treated me Mi Kocok in Kartika Sari! What a nice lady! ^_^

December 14: Went back to Surabaya by plane, then go to office.

December 15 - 17: Entrepreneur Camp! I won't talk much about this. Just let me do action first heheheh. But I do recommend this camp for those of you who own business, or, for those of you who's still afraid to start a business!

December 18: Arrived home at 02.45. Then spent all day take a rest at home :p

December 19: Go to office, my family's business "Sonokembang Catering" --> hey I'm promoting you, Sonokembang :D

December 20 - 21: Being a committee of Sonokembang's Sales & Project Advisor meeting. Two thumbs for my dad, the meeting's concept was different: interactive group activity.

Whoaaaa what a month! And this month hasn't ended yet! I still have some activity next Sunday :D

Thank You Allah, for all of this experiences.

Two years ago, at December, I was unemployed. Confused, after 2 months of graduation. One by one my friends were accepted at well-known companies. That time, I thought "My friend's grass were greener than mine!"
But then I found out, I love my own grass. Alhamdulillaah, my life journey was fun!!! Thank you for not letting me being an employee of that-big-companies, dear Allah! Heheheheh

12 komentar:

  1. assalamualaikum ..
    lah tianana yg punya sonokembang .. sodaranya caraka donk yaa...??

    gud luck buat kerja ma bisnisnya ya.. salam kenal :)

  2. aku juga banyak kegiatan dan hal menyenangkan yg terjadi selama desember, blogku jd terlantar hehehe.

    Selamat ya udah tunangan :D bahagia selalu

  3. waaaaaaaaaaah udah lamaraaaannn...
    selamat Tiaaaa

    ditunggu undangannya!!!!

  4. wowww.. what a busy month, but am glad your fine tho. and happy! congratulation ya utk acara lamarannyaaaaa... share photos please.. hehe

  5. tiaaaa..salutt bangedd sama kamuu, aku merinding loh baca paragraf terakhir itu..jempoll dee ^^b

    btw selamat yaa uda dilamarr..ihiyy, ditunggu lah undangan resminya :D

    btw minta PL sonokembang donk *ups
    :D kayanya bisa jadi referensi nih

    tq tiaaa

  6. Selamat yah Tia, semoga semuanya dimudahkan sampai hari pernikahan ^__^

  7. Kemaren-kemaren nungguin postingan kak tia, dan sekarang baca banyak kabar gembira. Alhamdulillah..

    Selamat ya kak tia buat lamarannya..

  8. selamat ya tiiii ... semoga aku cepet nyusul kamu :)

  9. selamat atas pertunangannya, semoga barokah =)

    anyway, salam kenal ya kak!

  10. Auwww,,, tia congrats ya,,,baru tahu juga anak nya juragan SonoKembang :D .,,gud luck,i believe, one day you'll become a succes woman,,insyallah,,amiinn

  11. mbak tiaaa..
    congrats ya buat lamarannya, smg lancar sampai the day :)
    btw salam kenal, aku suka ngikutin blognya hehehe

  12. MashaAllaah, congrats on the engagement!


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