Selasa, 27 Desember 2011

The Beautiful Engagement

Assalamu'alaikum :)
I won't talk much, let the pictures tell the stories, of my December 11, 2011. Well, it should be a very humble engagement: no hantaran & no engagement rings, but I didn't know how it could be that beautiful :) *maybe becoz my Mom's family worked in a catering company heheheehh alhamdulillaah.. so they decorated my house beautifully*

With my mom :)

Mom & Dad | Me & (inshaAllah) husband wanna be (aamiin)

Bismillaahirrahmaanirrahiim :)

Senin, 26 Desember 2011

The Fun Hijabee Sparkling Sunday

#Intermezzo: BIG THANKS for everyone who dropped by my blog & pray for me on my latest post :') Luv u all! And BIG SORRYYY sorryyy sorryyy I haven't visited you alllll

Photos by Acha, Up: Nungki, the talented fashion designer, bottom: Dian Pelangi showing her hijab styles

So, as some of you know, on Dec 4 my community held a pretty big event. I can say big, because we "combine" some events in one day: Fashion show (began with searching model & walk-training), Personality Seminar, Make Up Demo, Bazaar, and the most awaited one: Talkshow of fashion business by Dian Pelangi & Lulu El hasbu from Jakarta. There were also many many many sponsors with different needs, and the committee should accommodate them all.

Photos by: Herjono Darpito
Photos by Acha, Up left to right: Mrs. Aurelia Agatha -- the Personal Class speaker, ms. Rizky & ms. Anna recite Qur'an, ms. Dika & ms. ___ the MC's
Bottom: Lulu El Hasbu & Dian Pelangi

Photos by: Herjuno Darpito

  Photos by: Herjuno Darpito

Our team work was challenged. Sixteen models should be dressed up in 3 terms of fashion show with a total of 48 clothes -- who wears this and who wears that -- how's the hijab style -- get ready in a few minutes; some speakers should be treated well -- as they were our guests at Surabaya; all the speakers & models & singer should be ready near the stage 5 minutes before their time on stage; 10 bazaar stands should be well prepared; etc etc. My job description was to make sure all of the performers ready in 5 minutes. It was all hectic, but still controllable, and... fun!

And I had one of my design to be brought at the fashion show, hehehe... (actually it was my design in this competition -- but the inner dress were lost. Luckily I had those yellowish dress from my sewing task to be worn by the model :p) Thanks Edwina, the model ^o^

I barely couldn't smile that day! Hahahahaaaa... Was really busy goin here & there with my walkie talkie on. So sorry if I met one of you but I forgot to smile :( Didn't have time to take photoshoot. Alhamdulillah my friend took my picture while I was on stage with my design :"> Alhamdulillah I was smiling in that picture hehehehehh...

Lesson learned: event management, personality tips, & fashion business tips for everyone.

Rabu, 21 Desember 2011

Once Upon A December

Whoaaa, December almost end, and I was blogless! (no blog post | speechless)

Too many GREAT NEWS were unwritten, and I was busy doing all little things. I forgot my blog a while :)
So... Dear blog, here I summarized some of my activities this month.

December 3: Rehearsal of Hijabee Sparkling Sunday event

December 4: Hijabee Sparkling Sunday, with Dian Pelangi & Lulu el Hasbu as guest star. There were fashion shows, personality talk show, fashion business tips & hijab tips.
I also got a chance to show 1 of my design!!! Alhamdulillaah :)
*more photos coming soon*

December 5 - 10: Got busy with mom, preparing something.

December 11: I was being proposed :) alhamdulillaah (well, basically it's not an engagement since we didn't exchange ring etc etc... just a commitment to take a path to wedding, insya Allah). I do!!
*more photos coming soon*

December 12: Had lunch at X.O. Suki with mom, dad, and grandma. At afternoon I accompanied Grandma to go home at Bandung by train. I love train-trip! More convenient than airplane heheheh

December 13: Met my dad's junior high school friend in Bandung, tante Joy. She owned a garment business and usually she joined exhibitions in Jakarta & Malaysia & other city (my aunties were her loyal customer, and 2 weeks ago, they revealed that tante Joy was my dad's friend). Had a nice chat, really motivated me to run my own business. She also took me to shopping places & treated me Mi Kocok in Kartika Sari! What a nice lady! ^_^

December 14: Went back to Surabaya by plane, then go to office.

December 15 - 17: Entrepreneur Camp! I won't talk much about this. Just let me do action first heheheh. But I do recommend this camp for those of you who own business, or, for those of you who's still afraid to start a business!

December 18: Arrived home at 02.45. Then spent all day take a rest at home :p

December 19: Go to office, my family's business "Sonokembang Catering" --> hey I'm promoting you, Sonokembang :D

December 20 - 21: Being a committee of Sonokembang's Sales & Project Advisor meeting. Two thumbs for my dad, the meeting's concept was different: interactive group activity.

Whoaaaa what a month! And this month hasn't ended yet! I still have some activity next Sunday :D

Thank You Allah, for all of this experiences.

Two years ago, at December, I was unemployed. Confused, after 2 months of graduation. One by one my friends were accepted at well-known companies. That time, I thought "My friend's grass were greener than mine!"
But then I found out, I love my own grass. Alhamdulillaah, my life journey was fun!!! Thank you for not letting me being an employee of that-big-companies, dear Allah! Heheheheh

Kamis, 08 Desember 2011

Tea Party

Hehehe this photoshoot was done a few months ago, but I forgot to post it. That time, me and my friends got a chance to have a studio photoshoot. I was wearing a hat! Hahahaha...

I'll give my outfit a theme: "Tea Party"
Maybe if Alice invites me to her jungle tea party with the rabbit an invisible cat, I'll wear this ;)
Hat: Cascade Bandung, Vintage tee's: Cascade Bandung, Pleated skirt: Icons, Black cardi: unbranded, belt: unbranded

And in case you ask me, no, I'm not wearing that hat outside the studio :p *embarrassed*

Rabu, 07 Desember 2011

Need or Want: Cotton Ink

Aaaa, I guess I failed this year's Hijabi Fashion Week (HFW). I'm not in the mood to dress up & take a photoshoot. This was the moment when I feel like "I have no clothes", but the truth, my wardrobe is full of clothes. Hmmm maybe some of them are better being donated to others.

Meanwhile, I got an email from cotton ink (it's a regular monthly email), about cotton ink's newest collection. Makes me wanna shop T_T
 Aaahhh I'm drooling some of these long sleeves:

And these cute cape....

And this long dress, probably with an addition at sleeves? ;)

Are these truly my needs? Or do I just want it with no reasons? Hmmm...

Wanna bought me these cute things? Anyone?

Sabtu, 03 Desember 2011

HFW day 1: Leaders in Hijab

A very late post on Hijabi Fashion Week. Sorryyy HFW..

Leaders in Hijab.
You can consider every woman's occupation as a leader. Teacher, Mom, Entrepreneur, etc etc.
But you know, behind every successful man in the world, there's a supporting lady behind him.

Let me introduce my leader's version: FIRST LADY :D
Heheheh.. Let's gather all fashionable first lady in the world! Kate Middleton (Prince William's wife), Michelle Obama (Barack Obama's wife), andddd... you list that.

How if we create a hijab style based on their sense of fashion?

~more pictures coming soon~
been hectic this week ;p

See more inspirations on HFW's 1st day here.