Sabtu, 12 November 2011

Rainbow Vest

Wore Dian Pelangi's shawl as a vest.

Do you also have a habit like me?
Buying "hot items" to know the quality that people adore.

Dian Pelangi's shawl is so in trend right now in Surabaya. I'm not a kind of trend-follower, but I do reeaallyyy curious on "why people love that shawl?"
So I bought one :D

Review: the shawl is easy to wear, the material falls down beautifully, has beautiful vibrant colors, and it's relatively cheap for a kind of artwork (the tie dye-motif is handmade!). Cheaper than the 'tie dye cotton shawl' which is also in trend.
And i heard such things that in Dian Pelangi's branch boutique at Surabaya, the items were sold out coz people bought so many, to be sold again in a much higher price.
Oh my, such a phenomenon rite?
Me also bought this shawl from my friend, more expensive Rp 5.000 than the original price, hahaha..

But it's curiosity.
And i'm happy to have one :)