Rabu, 02 November 2011

Ordinary Day and a Small Surgery

Okay, two different stories at one post :P

Here's my outfit for work, don't expect to see much fashionable thingy, just ordinary me using very comfortable clothes. Effortless. Just a necklace as accessories. No inner shirt, no inner head cover a.k.a inner ninja, coz nowadays Surabaya is getting hotter. It' 35 degrees...!
If only I have an ugg boots & vintage glasses, this outfit probably looked much more cuter XP heheheh
Actually at these days it's kinda hard to have 'blogging time' Many things to do (cliche reason, huh?)
Huhuhu I wished I could reply all your sweet comments in the previous post.
My writings here were written in the mean time at office.
I hope I'll have time sooonn to visit your blogs, loveliess!!

I will tell you a short (ummm maybe a looong) story about my 'surgery' last week. You can stop reading at this point. It's scary you know...

Well, last week I had a small surgery, inside my mouth.

What happened?
I had a condition named "impacted wisdom tooth", and it (the tooth) needs to be removed.

What? Impacted what?
Impacted wisdom tooth. Wisdom tooth is human's third molar.. In some case, the third molar doesn't grow as it should be. My condition was well explained in this picture:
Source of picture: http://www.animated-teeth.com/wisdom_teeth/t1_wisdom_tooth.htm

Should it be treated with surgery? No other way?
Yeah, only surgery can save me from future problems. The small problems now was only: food residue (usually meat) got slipped between the back of teeth, and usually causing my gum swelling. The future problems could be: the food residue harm the tooth, making infections, and harmed the nerves (lots of tooth nerves connected to brain isn't it!)

How was the surgery?
My right gum got injected by anesthetic and I couldn't feel anything. Then the dentist cut my gum. Yeah, cut it. Theeen, he drilled my impacted tooth with what-so-called BOR in Indonesia. He destroyed the impacted tooth and removed it from my gum. Then my gum was being stitched.

Hmmm pretty scary huh?
Thank God, my mouth was paralyzed during the process. And I couldn't see blood coming out from my mouth.

What was the worst part of the surgery?
The worst part was: got awaken at 1 am, feeling all aware, and the anesthetic effect has gone! So it was sooo painfull. How can it not be? I mean, my gum was being cut! And I was literally crying until 3 am, then I put cold ice to my cheek to reduce the pain, and forced myself to sleep.
Then, in the morning, my cheek was bloating verryyy biiig, like I was chewing something inside my right cheek.

For a week I eat steamed rice and soft foodssss... Luckily the dentist told me it was okay to eat ice cream or drinking fruit juice, so I pamper myself buying a bucket of Wall's Double Dutch!! Yummyyy :9

Alhamdulillah my right-third-molar was gone in this young age. But I still have 3 molars to remove! (all of my wisdom teeth are impacted) AAAAAA....!!

BTW I found out Indi (a sweet blogger) also had wisdom teeth surgery, check it heeereee!