Selasa, 15 November 2011

Dear Diary

Okay, so this is a spontaneous post. Do not expect to see anything fashionable here, coz i'm treating my blog as a diary. Just skip this post, okay.

Phewww I felt a little sad. And a little bit disappointed. Ummm, maybe not a little. That's why I wrote this post.

This night after magrib, my brother brought his friends from college to do their task. They are my bro's new friends (first-year college students a.k.a mahasiswa baru). Twenty five boys & girls got into my house.
After preparing mango ice for the guests, me, mom & dad went to a mall, coz our house was noisy (yeah imagine 25 people talking at the same time). Tunjungan Plaza was our destination to find peace (;p). Hehee actually my Dad had a meeting there, and my mom & I was just hanging out (again, to find peace, coz our home was in chaotic situation)

First Disappointment
After eating, buying (discounted) books, and tired of walking, Dad hasn't finished his meeting. So I decided to take a seat at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaves (TCB)--which located near the car park. I have never ever bought anything there, nor entered those coffee shop. My curiosity told me to try some of the menu. My Mom had already sat & read her books. And how could we sit without buying anything? So I bought hot chocolate (coz I avoided caffein) at Rp 40.500. Aaaawwww such an expensive price for a cup of hot choco!!!!

Well, probably for some people who loves to hangout, they would spend more money to sit & chit chat, accompanied by a cup of good coffee.
My disappointment was, I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH to know which one is expensive & which one is cheap. I enjoy coffee, but I can't tell you the difference between a sachet of instant coffee which you can get at Rp 1.500 per serving, and a hot cappuccino at a coffee shop which cost more than Rp 30.000. I just like coffee. Doesn't matter how they make it. Same with tea. A cheap cup of tea like teh Tongtji would taste as best as an expensive infusion of Dilmah tea. And chocolate? I like MILO more than what I bought tonight! (Oops sorry TCB, it's the fault of my tongue, not your barista).

So, this time, my curiosity made me realize, that I actually don't have to try any expensive beverage anymore. Coz it will only make me lose my money (without an added value to some kind of appreciation). I mean, if you appreciate classical music, then going to an exclusive concert will relieve your thirst of rhythm. But if you don't really know music, then hearing those music only in MP3 will be OK.

Think before you do something, Tia. Do you really need it? Or just want it?

Second Disappointment
Finally dad, mom & me went home at 10 pm. And found out that my bro's & his friends were still at our house. Motorcycles were everywhere. And my dad's car couldn't get in to the garage.
The right thing to do was to ask my bro's friends whose motorcycle was parked in the way of the car. But after asking, NONE OF THEM really moved. They just... seeing, looking left and right, keep standing in their place. What??
In my opinion, there should be someone feeling responsible. Maybe calling out of his friends who owned the motorcycle, or helping my dad moving the motorcycles. MY DAD BECAME THE ONLY ONE who moved the bikes (with a help from my brother). Whaaattt???
Are kids (pardon me, teens) nowadays so ignorant??? They were just looking at what happened in no expression, like confused, don't know what to do. Why didn't they help?? Although it's not their motorcycle, it belonged to their friends.

This kind of "don't care" behavior, I usually found in my brother's friends. To the house owner, they didn't say hi nor give salam. Just being so ignorant. Well, I can't (and shouldn't) generate all of my bro's friends like that, but I can say, maybe 90% have those kind of i-don't-care-about-anything-but-me behavior.

It's not that as the house owner we want to be respected, no, it's not something like that. But to survive in social world, at least you should have respect to other, especially to the ones older than you.

Well, I'm not saying that I'm already perfect. I learned much at college. Feel the urge to help people in needs. Although it's just a small thing like helping a person collecting his dropped pen, giving direction to a confused people at a supermarket, smiling to a cashier, or just getting rid of a rock which lays in the middle of the street.

I am happy, I grew older with such great-and-caring friends. I learned from my friends to take care, to go to the kitchen and help preparing the foods while everyone was having a fun chit chat outside, to be the last person on an event (like breakfasting at friend's house) and cleaning all the mess. It's probably tiring, and it makes me sick to see others happy while me doing those jobs. But by then, I learned to be a more caring person. If it's not us who feels responsible, then who?

And I expected my brother at least has some friends who also responsible like what my friends did back at college.

Sigh. Things were different now, huh? I hope those kids will grow up soon, so they'll be able to see what's good in our custom, and what's not :)

Sorry for the long & whining post. Feels much better after writing this ;p

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  1. Yaaayy..i can actually post! i have realised i cant do that on other bloggers no more :( anyway i got an email from that you posted i thought to check it doesnt sound familiar unless you hav changed your theme or something?
    well anywayy..even though u sed you were moaning or whatever..i actualy liked reading this post. you seem nice..and how you learnt at college, inspiring. even though you went out of the house for some sounded nice that you went with your mum and dad..and i like the bit about drinking coffee..:) well i jus wanna was nice reading your diary, and a pleausre to be the first one to comment :) have a lovely rest of the day!

  2. aduh mbak tia (dan ibu bapaknya)saya pernah tuh kayak gitu terganggu gara2 temennya adik. yaudah saya nyinyiran aja skalian. begitu pulang adik saya kasitau juga.bukannya sok galak tapi penting juga kan buat mereka untuk tau manner yg tapi emang saya galak sih ;p

  3. itu kok pada niat ya belajar bareng di satu rumah :) liat aja pas akhir2 perkuliahan :p

    sabar ya, tii .. :)

  4. Gaaaah... kids nowadays can be so annoying. Can;t generate them all, by the way, but agree to you, some of them must be taught how to respect others.
    In other way, I practically agree to you. I am no coffee fans, but I love tea and chocolate. And I can't tell exactly the different about Sariwangi tea and Dilmah Tea. Pardon me, but I think it's not my thing to hang out in such place, only to spend few thousand rupiahs in a cup of tea? Well, I'll go to Pizza Hut instead and get a plate of spaghetti, right?
    But, it is just me, of course. People have their favoritism, and I won't judge about it. :)

  5. bersikap baik itu memang perlu sekali :)

  6. btw aku juga suka milooooo hehe


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