Jumat, 18 November 2011

Coming Soon, Events You May Like

1. Hijabi Fashion Week
Hijabi Fashion Week is an annual online-event, previously held by Em.
In this event, we sisters had to post regularly each day a week (of course you can do "scheduled post" and start posting now), from Nov 27 to Dec 03.
The fun part is, there's a different theme everyday. And you can see what other's wearing on the theme! Yaaayyy!! here's the theme:
  1. Day 1 -- Leaders in Hijab: what leadership roles do you have or want to try? (President, teacher, mother, Volunteer Leader, CEO etc.). 
  2. Day 2 -- Hobby/Recreation: What do you do when you have free time? (hike, sail, write, paint, etc.)
  3. Day 3 -- Break the Rules: A stylish hijabi can look good in anything, even when she's breaking the rules! Pick a fashion/style rule you always follow, and show us how you'd break it in style! (Any style rule may be broken, except the Islamic criteria for hijab).
  4. Day 4 -- Vacation/Destination: Where would you go, if you could go anywhere in the world? What outfits would you wear?
  5. Day 5 -- Eid & Formal: It's Friday! Dress up! What did you wear for Eid? What do you wear to formal events/parties?
  6. Day 6 -- Date Night: Yesterday you dressed up for you, today dress up for your man! What do you wear when going out with your (future) husband?
  7. Day 7 -- Out with Friends: Finish off the week by hanging out with friends! Where do you usually go? What do you usually do?

More info: here

2. Hijabee Sparkling Sunday
An event for your inner & outer beauty!
There will be some useful talkshows like: beauty talkshow, personality talkshow, and fashion business talkshow. Also, the famous young designer Dian Pelangi & the famous hijabi model Lulu El Hasbu will come! Yaayyy!!
More info: here
Update: limited seat available

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  1. thanks for info titiana, sayang bgt acaranya di surabaya yaaa.. mau ikut!

  2. yang pertama itu online ?

    jadi kita menggunakan baju atau posting cerita tentang temanya itu ya ? hmm ... semoga bisa istiqomah hehehe, soalnya seringnya mundur di tengah jalan kalau ada tantangan kaya' gini :p

  3. Kayaknya perlu di infoin sama calon istri disana,,mkasih infonya yah..
    Kunjungi juga yah Web Flash saia Flash Tiger

  4. @Maya: ayooo langsung pesen tiket...pesawat :p hehehe

    @Fenty: uyeeee,, event online :D Trik-nya, foto2 mulai dari sekarang *gaya aku ngomong thok durung karuan kelakon*

    @Doni: sippp :D


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