Senin, 17 Oktober 2011

Reunion at Friend's Wedding

I love how a wedding could be a 'reason' to get reunited with good friends :)
Sooo happy when I attended Asthi's wedding last month, at Taman Mini Jakarta.
Top: Thirty guests from Teknik Industri 2005 ITS!! Woohoooo,, probably this was the most-attended-wedding of 2005 family this year :) | Bottom: Look at the boys expression!! They looked so happy! Can you feel the happiness? :D

Top: girlssss took picture with the bride :D | Bottom: hey heyy we're KOI laboratory assistant! (the groom was KOI assistant too--our senior) BY THE WAY it's the first time I saw my senior using eyeshadowww heheheheheehh

Top: Just a crazy pose :P | Bottom: I found myself looked a lil'bit cute ;p so I posted this pic hahahhaaaa

We stayed at the wedding reception until all guests went home, and had the chance to have a chit chat with bride & groom. And we continued the chit chat until the bride & groom left the building :))

Hwaaaa I miss them, I miss the ambiance of seeing good friends :D

PS: what I wore: the same piece of blouse like I wear here (Mom's); pleated skirt: Icons; clutch: Mom's
PS: Pictures are from Galih Febrianto & Virnanda T. Seffy's cameras. Thank youuu for the great pics! :')

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  1. Nice pics !!! these pics shows tight friendship bond among them :)

  2. mantap ga poto nya sangat bagus dan sangat menarik,,,,


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