Kamis, 13 Oktober 2011

Poster Design: Financial Planning for Newly Weds

Tadaaaa, my new poster design! I was so excited to make this poster coz my design concept was: comic!
You know, "financial planning things" looked a lil' bit scary and boring, so why not spice it up with a cute poster? :D
design by: me
Do come to the event if you wanna know more about how to arrange money, whether you're a new wife, or just planning to get married soon :)
*Pssst, limited seats, only for 30 participants!

10 komentar:

  1. bagusss! coba ada financial planning di bandung..huhu..pengeeeen:(

  2. Wooow, i love ur idea tia..

    Krn konsep desainnya ad unsur komik2nya, jd tambah menarik dan bikin penasaran.. :)

  3. wah eyecatching ya posternya :)

  4. creative nya ka tia ni :) pengen deh ikut, coba diadain di jakarta juga..

  5. sederhana tapi catchy :D

    kenapa kamu adanya di T Industri bukan despro sih, hahaha, kaya' berasa jurusan kita itu kebalik :p

  6. @ Aulia & Dindindaa: kalo belum ada, adain sendiri ajaaaa, ajak kerjasama komunitas setempat :D InsyaAlloh kalo semangat, pasti ada jalaaan ^o^
    @ Fenty: wahaahaa I did really want to go to desprooo
    @ all: thank youuuu u all so nice ^^

  7. Wow Interesting!Did you organize it? Pls blog about how this event went!

  8. New marriage, new life, new decisions for the newly wed couple. Financial decisions are one of the top most decision that must be given enough and proper attention most specially for those who are still starting to put up a family. Financial planner Adelaide will work with you to develop a long term plan that addresses all these issues and any other challenges unique to your situation.


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