Jumat, 21 Oktober 2011

How To Wear Batik Pants

Here I used my DIY Batik Hareem Pants. Since my sweater was too long, it covered the "hareem shape". I added elastic band to the ankles (feet holes), so it wrinkled. If my pants didn't have the elastic band, probably it would look like ordinary pants.
What I wore last Sunday:
Top: my mom's (from Heritage FO Bandung), Necklace: gift from Dannis; belt: Cherry chan; bag: mom's; Hareem Pants: DIY; flats: mom's. I was kinda bored with inner ninja, pashmina and so on, so I wore my ciput & paris :D

Hehehe I don't know if this tips would be useful, but maybe you can add elastic band to your cheap-comfortable-batik-pants (usually sold at Rp 15.000 at Malioboro), and voila, you get a new look :)