Senin, 03 Oktober 2011

Cute Finds: Fairy Shoes

Fairy things will always be sweet as it reminds us to our childhood bed time stories.
Be prepared, I'll post some extremely cute things from my recently-found-favorite-shop at Etsy. I'm not lying, I stopped breathing when I saw these. Whoooaaa what cuuuteee shoooess & accesories >.<
Here they areeeee...

Pictures from Fairysteps shop
Super duper cute leather shoes from Fairysteps, England. I'm eyeing on that sand-colored leather shoes, but it cost US$ 176 T_T Gosh, the maker is soooo creative! And it's all handmade!

Pictures from Zave's felt shop
I WANT that fairy shoes having curly front!!! It's US$ 62 from Zave's felt, Lithuania. They are all made from felt wool, and you can see that the shoes don't have any stitch. OW MY GOD I want to be able to make thaaaattt!

Just visit their shops and, I don't know about you, but I do wanna cry wanting these and thats :D

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  1. All products from fairysteps shop are so colorful!! I love it too :) Ayo Tia, coba bikin satu *ngompor2in hehe ;)

  2. lucunya itu sepatu yang coklat ~,~" tapi kaki berasa teplek kali ya pake sepatu begitu ...

  3. wooow, lucu2 banget sepatu sm tasnya..

    tp harganya...? huks huks *bikin nangis

  4. lucu POOOOL.....


  5. Adorable :) I love the baby for sure!

  6. Sepatunya bagus :-) Eh salah.. maksud saya blognya bagus :-) Andai saya bisa nge-blog secara bahasa Inggris :-)


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