Kamis, 13 Oktober 2011

Poster Design: Financial Planning for Newly Weds

Tadaaaa, my new poster design! I was so excited to make this poster coz my design concept was: comic!
You know, "financial planning things" looked a lil' bit scary and boring, so why not spice it up with a cute poster? :D
design by: me
Do come to the event if you wanna know more about how to arrange money, whether you're a new wife, or just planning to get married soon :)
*Pssst, limited seats, only for 30 participants!

Selasa, 11 Oktober 2011

Giveaway Winners!

Finally! Congratulation for the winners :D And thanks for everyone participating, I hope you all get your luckiness something sometime ^^ Thank you for spreading the happiness!

Pourvous Dream Aromatic Pillow: Rafabacil & Dweedy

Vannara Cardigan: Riska Susi

Tealovero Blooming Tea: Santril & Ardyan Nisa

Ethnic Necklace: Eriska Idamantari

I've sent my emails & will wait until the next 2x24 hours for respond. If not, I'll choose another winner. Fair? All winners have confirmed :) Please wait patiently yaaaa ^^

*How did I choose the winner?
I list down everyone participating, according to what they want. Then I took random number. Voila, I got the winners (and checked if they did all the rules) ;)

Jumat, 07 Oktober 2011

To Lose and to Have

To Lose
World has lost one great person yesterday. Yeah, Steve Jobs has left us with his wonderful inventions :')
I believe, he carries blessings to the world afterlife. Imagine this: every time a person reads Qur'an in iPhone, or each time someone learn new things through his iPad, or maybe when a person creates da'wah video using his apple macbook? And how many hearts had been touched by Steve's speech? I don't know him, but may he rest in peace :)

To Have
And i want to share you a story, dear bloggers.. A few days ago, some of us might received spreading letter about a sick baby named Aaliyah, asking for donation. As usual, I've never really believed about such messages, coz I'm afraid it's just a hoax. I DIDN'T EVEN TRYING to find out the truth. i was busy with my ignorance, astaghfirullah :(

But some of my friends care. They did ring the hospital written in the message (which is RKZ Surabaya), and found out that the baby was really there. And they contacted the baby's father, wanting to know the baby's condition. They visited the hospital. Aaliyah was still sick, diagnosed with asfixia: a condition where brain cannot automatically tells lungs to breathe. So, her life depends on the use of ventilator, attached to her throat, which cost nearly Rp 4million per day.
Due to the high cost, Aaliyah's parents who depends only on the UMR based salary, needs help.

Please follow @coin4aaliyah, and read the whole story of Aaliyah here.

As we still have the chance to breathe freely, feel blessed. Be thankful to God. And if you still have time, please follow the twitter link above, pray for Aaliyah, and RT the important news. If you still have money, a donation will be great too :) Syukron. Jazakumullah khairan katsir.

Senin, 03 Oktober 2011

Cute Finds: Fairy Shoes

Fairy things will always be sweet as it reminds us to our childhood bed time stories.
Be prepared, I'll post some extremely cute things from my recently-found-favorite-shop at Etsy. I'm not lying, I stopped breathing when I saw these. Whoooaaa what cuuuteee shoooess & accesories >.<
Here they areeeee...

Pictures from Fairysteps shop
Super duper cute leather shoes from Fairysteps, England. I'm eyeing on that sand-colored leather shoes, but it cost US$ 176 T_T Gosh, the maker is soooo creative! And it's all handmade!

Pictures from Zave's felt shop
I WANT that fairy shoes having curly front!!! It's US$ 62 from Zave's felt, Lithuania. They are all made from felt wool, and you can see that the shoes don't have any stitch. OW MY GOD I want to be able to make thaaaattt!

Just visit their shops and, I don't know about you, but I do wanna cry wanting these and thats :D