Jumat, 09 September 2011

TV Show Victim

Assalamu'alaikuum :D Nowadays I found it harder to post at this blog regularly >_<
BTW Now I'm at airport lounge waiting for my plane, have nothing to do, and I saw a computer with no one using it. So here I am posting! Hahahaha. I am at airport now!

Here's a few photos when I became Hijabee's representation for a local TV Show: Koncoplexx SBO TV.
Actually, we were victims coz no one in the community was able to be at the show -__-*
The show was on air, August 9 afternoon. Woohooo nervous nervous!
Levy, Puput, Chika, Meity (Surabaya's famous radio announcer), me, and Lala
Source of picture: here.

So, have you seen that lately I was a little bit "exist" in media? Hahhaha. Truly, I'm a shy girl.
It's time to hide again :D

*have a safe flight to me!*
*have a wonderful (and blessful) day everyone!*

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  1. wah meity piris berhijab, hehehe

    nice, tia ... nanti ajak aku ya :p

  2. wih... cantik cantik banget !
    mbak nanya dong, gmn caranya biar modis spt mbak Tia ?


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